Wedding speeches are often thought of as being heartfelt, nostalgic, touching and poetic toasts that leave couples and the room in happy tears. But as many a wedding photographer can tell you, that is not always the case. Unfortunately, mistakes can happen, but there are a few tips you can heed to make sure the wedding speech you give is a memorable one!

1. Focus on being heartfelt rather than a comedian

Attempts at being funny go hand in hand with wedding speeches. While humor is a welcome addition to any wedding toast, being heartfelt and sincere will go much farther.

Remember, you are at a loving, momentous event for the happy couple you're speaking about so why not focus on that point, keeping the humor to a minimum? (Unless if you are in fact a stand-up comedian. Then, go for it!) If you do joke, as Business Insider points out, keep it clean. Also, a good quote can go a long way as well.

2. Remember the attention is on you

The happy couple will likely want to remember your fabulous wedding toast so do them a favor by not moving around too much as you give it, so photos will come out great. Good wedding photographers will also have pre-lit the very spot you're standing in, helping to make you look your very best, so stay there!

3. Keep the technology out of it notes that smartphones and tablets emit blue light that will then reflect on you as you give your speech during the wedding reception. Opt for index cards instead or better yet, memorize! After all, it is a wedding and that way, you can focus on the words you're saying about rather than scrolling on a screen, with your head down.

4. Use the microphone near your mouth

Not everyone who gives a wedding speech will be given a microphone but if you are, use it properly. Hold it 2-3 inches away from your face, near your mouth, so all in the room can hear those heartwarming words you spent time forming just for the wedding.

5. For courage, practicing is better than drinking

Giving a wedding speech is not the easiest task, especially if one is nervous about public speaking, but instead of opting for liquid courage, do the work beforehand. Practice in front of friends and keep note cards on you, even if you memorized your speech, so you'll have no worries about forgetting anything. And remember, you're there because you were asked and wanted to be at this wedding. Use that for your courage!

Weddings are about love and happiness

At the end of the day, weddings should be filled with love and happiness. Keep that in mind when preparing your wedding speech and you're already headed in the right direction. Remember why everyone is there in the first place and use that as a springboard to leap from. Salute!