If ever there was a character on "The Young and the Restless" who should be successful it is Nicholas Newman. His father is the most powerful and also the richest man in genoa city. He was heir to the throne of his father's company and threw it all away. Nick tried to make it on his own and failed big time.

His club burned down, and he gave away his inheritance. Both of his ex-wives as well as his recent fiancee have lied to him about the paternity of his children. Now he is dealing with the fact that Nikki is cheating on Victor with Arturo whom he hired to do construction work on the apartment building he owns.

Nick Newman's track record speaks for itself

Phyllis lied that Summer was Jack's daughter when she really belonged to Nick because Sharon changed the results of the paternity test. Sharon also allowed everyone to believe Sully was her child when in fact he was actually Christian. Now Nick knows that Sage lied and Adam is really the little boy's biological dad. Now Chelsea has pulled the biggest con ever on him, by taking off with Conner and leaving a video explaining her actions.

To add insult to injury, Nick saw the family matriarch making out with Arturo, and he is beyond livid. On Monday he confronted his mother about sleeping with his employee and an unrepentant Nikki explained that she has an arrangement with Victor.

It seems that Nick's track record of the women in his life disappointing him is continuing. He tried to reason with his mom and warn her of his father's revenge if he finds out, but Nikki insists she has everything under control. "Y&R" seems determined to write the character of Nick Newman as a pathetic man who has no control over his life.

Nikki's fling puts Nick in an awkward situation

Nikki insists that Victor will not be a problem and asks her son to keep quiet about her fling with Arturo. This puts Nick in the uncomfortable position of sharing two troubling secrets with his ex-wife Phyllis. They both know about Nikki and Arturo as well as the fact that Christian is really Adam's son.

His personal life, as well as his business ventures, have all given him much grief in recent years.

On top of everything else Nick is dealing with both Phyllis and Sharon are continuing to scrap over him, with each believing she knows what is best for his life. There is also the fact that Victor has known for quite a while that Christian is not Nick's child. When this comes out things will really get messy.

"The Young and the Restless" airs weekday afternoons on CBS at 12:30 PM. Be sure to keep watching in order to find out what happens next with Nick Newman and his family. It looks like things in Genoa City may be going from bad to worse for this young man.