"The Walking Dead's" latest installment titled "The Key" was without a doubt one of the best episodes of the otherwise weak season. Whether we are talking about that intense car chase scene and Rick going full beast mode trying to kill Negan or we are talking about Simon giving a motivational speech King Ezekiel style, "The Key" just had it all. So much so that it almost feels as if "The Walking Dead" is back in its glory days. All in all, the fans have every reason to be excited about the rest of the season. And judging by the next episode's teaser preview, things will only get better as "All Out War" approaches its final stage.

But no matter how nail-biting Rick and Negan's latest brawl seemed to be, with a burning Lucille and all, it was the new character by the name Georgie that completely stole the show. Who is she? What will her role be in the future? You've got to admit, having people appear out of nowhere and just helping people out, in the world of "The Walking Dead," seems a bit suspicious, doesn't it? So with all these questions in mind, let's try to unravel the mystery surrounding this rather interesting character. Comic book spoilers will follow.

A quick recap

Before we delve any further into speculation territory, let's break down Georgie's role in the latest episode. It all started when Maggie, Michonne, Enid, and Rosita found a milk crate just outside the Hilltop.

Not only did a mysterious crate appear out of nowhere, but it also contained the instruction to meet at the nearby crossroad and bring vinyl records. Then after a lengthy debate about whether or not they should go, the group decided to follow the instructions.

It was at the crossroad, that they came across a van guarded by the two women with guns.

Then, Georgie walked out and introduced herself to the group. She went on to talk about how the dead brought out the best and the worst in people. "The worse is winning," she said, "But it won't be forever if people can believe in people again." Ultimately, Maggie brought the women back to Hilltop. It was there where she decided to follow through on the "trade" rather than just killing them.

What followed shocked everybody. Not only did Georgie deliver a promised "knowledge," but she also gave the Hilltop leader all of their food. Because she is just nice like that.

The knowledge, however, came in the form of a book, "The Key" that contains schematics for building windmills, watermills, silos, aqueducts, plans for refining grain and creating lumber. All in all, "A book of Medieval human achievements so that we can rebuild our future from our past," as Georgie so wisely put before she continued by saying how this wasn't a gift, but a barter, and that she will be back. So in the end, the question remains, who is this mysterious woman and what was the point of her brief appearance in the show?

What could be Georgie's role in 'The Walking Dead?'

"The Walking Dead" fans are convinced that Georgie is the show's version of the comic book character Pamela Milton, the leader of "The Commonwealth", the new group from the comics. After all, Georgie's outfit and hairstyle are strikingly similar to those of "The Commonwealth" leader. The question is, why would they introduce her so early in the show.

This shouldn't surprise us though, since "The Walking Dead" already teased the "New World Order" storyline with a radio in the last week's episode. In the comics, it was through that radio that Eugene eventually found a girl named Stephanie from "The Commonwealth." Right now, it seems that they could take a similar route in the show.

But what about Georgie, then?

She could very well be the show's version of Pamela Milton, but for now, it's far more important to note what the content of her book of knowledge could mean for the future of "The Walking Dead." In the comics, there was a time jump (3-5 years) after "All Out War." In that time, the communities formed the farming/trading based society full of windmills and aqueducts (just like one Carl imagined.) And given the fact that it's never explained in the comics how society grew that much, it's our belief that the role of Georgie and her book of knowledge was to bridge that gap. All in all, "The Key" all but confirmed that time jump and you can pretty much expect a future full of aqueducts and windmills in Season 9, and the fresh start for "The Walking Dead."