Maci Bookout seems to take her work with MTV very seriously. She's done everything to respect her contract with the show, only filming extra shows that she's allowed to do. In addition, she has filmed all reunion specials and extra shows where she discusses what's going on while filming. However, Bookout may be taking the business aspect too seriously, as she has allowed companies to share articles on her social media pages. While some of the articles are about the Kardashians, about personal relationships, and about new shows, some of the news are sensitive and hurtful.

It seems like some of these articles are downright clickbait articles and it doesn't seem to matter to her that she's spreading false stories.

This week, the "Teen Mom OG" star allowed people to share some news on her profile that hinted that one of the girls had experienced a devastating loss. People know that Mackenzie McKee has been a topic of discussion when it comes to replacing Farrah Abraham. Mackenzie has revealed that her mother is very sick, as she was diagnosed with cancer. So when McKee lost her dog recently, the click bait articles surfaced, hinting that she had lost her mother. According to a new tweet, Maci Bookout is now supporting this fake news - possibly without her knowing.

Spreading false news

While it isn't fake news that Mackenzie is devastated for losing her dog, it seems like these articles are spreading the idea that she had actually lost her mother. The comments on the article do reveal that people genuinely believe that she has lost her mother.

Mackenzie may not realize that people are using her mother's sickness as a way of making money.

It's not an ideal situation, given McKee is possibly joining the cast.

Mackenzie McKee will most likely return to television

Right now, MTV hasn't said anything about Farrah's replacement on the show. Fans just saw that she was fired on Monday's episode. It's possible that her story isn't completely done and it's uncertain how the producers are going to handle the rest of the season.

But there are many reports about McKee taking over her spot, as many of the "Teen Mom OG" stars are sharing articles about her. Her name has been in the spotlight more these days, possibly because she's going back to MTV.

What do you think of Maci Bookout sharing an article about Mackenzie, hinting that she has lost her mother? Are you surprise that Bookout is willing to share these false articles for the sake of money?