Morgan J. Freeman may not be the most popular producer in the "Teen Mom OG" world if you ask Farrah Abraham, but it sounds like he doesn't take the firing of Abraham too seriously. The firing happened a few months ago and it sounds like he has moved on from the firing with the production of the show. Freeman briefly mentioned the firing on Twitter but refrained from talking about the production of the show and his role in the firing. Abraham decided to file a $5 million lawsuit against Viacom and MTV for wrongful termination. She claims that she is a victim and that she was subject to inequality and discrimination.

Of course, Freeman wasn't targeted directly in the lawsuit, but it's possible that he has been asked to avoid the topic completely when it comes to "Teen Mom OG" fans. It sounds like he's using his Twitter platform for political means instead. According to a new tweet, Morgan J. Freeman has been tweeting in support of gun control and he appears to be very much against Donald Trump and the Republican party.

A vocal supporter of gun control

On Twitter, he's been calling on companies to drop their connections to the NRA and he has supported students in their walkouts to support any action against gun control. He seems to be very passionate about creating safe schools for his kids, which makes sense as a parent.

Perhaps he wants to use his platform for something more important than discussing a reality star's job with a network, something he may not have any influence on whatsoever. But Farrah keeps bringing him up as if he is her point of reference.

Other than her other producers, she keeps talking badly about Morgan.

What about Farrah?

Right now, Farrah Abraham isn't filming "Teen Mom OG" and it's possible that she won't come back. She has slammed the show for being unsafe for her daughter Sophia, and she's not happy about the way the network has supposedly lied about her.

Right now, she's been promoting the webcam show that she was fired for doing. While some people may be interested in trying things out on the webcam, it's possible that Farrah won't be making the same amount of money as she did from MTV. It will be interesting to see where she ends up going with her career as she's no longer with MTV.

What do you think about Morgan J. Freeman not speaking out about Farrah? Do you think his time is better spent supporting gun control and the students, who recently walked out in support of gun control?