Tom Hanks has been named the greatest actor of all-time. With that accolade in mind, who better than to slip on some shoes and a sweater vest and take on the role of Fred Rogers in the Upcoming Film "You Are My Friend." Tom Hanks earned this title for his roles as Forest Gump in "Forest Gump" and Sheriff Woody in "Toy Story." However, in recent memory, Hanks has gone on to play roles of people involved in historical events such as Captain Sully in "Sully" and that trend seems to be continuing here.

What we know so far

Honestly, we don't know much about this upcoming film besides Hanks' starring role.

Besides that, the plot will focus on the relationship between Fred Rogers and Tom Junod, an award-winning journalist. Seeing as how Fred Rogers is viewed as a source of calm and kindness in what can sometimes be a cruel world, this film centering around the aspects Rogers has come to represent is a breath of fresh air in an industry saturated with violent and angry movies. However, seeing as this movie was announced just at the beginning of the year, more news about this should follow in the upcoming months and we hope to learn more about the shape the film will take. Production is scheduled to start this fall so there is a wait yet for Rogers fans but it will be well worth it.

This isn't the only Rogers project though

While many are excited to finally see a movie involving Rogers and the positive influence he exerts the film Hanks is to star in isn't the only one that is in the works. A trailer released on Tuesday, March 20 is a teaser surrounding Fred Rogers and his children's show. If you haven't seen it yet you really should.

When I watched it, I teared up at just how nice it was. The full documentary will be released on June 8, 2018, in select theaters and while Hanks isn't starring in this one we will never turn down more Mr. Rogers in our lives.

The last recent project involving Mr. Rogers involves the same network he fought to save and promote himself on, PBS.

PBS recently released a TV special in honor of Mr. Rogers and it is a nod to all that he has brought to those who have been his neighbors over the years.

The upcoming film and documentary are things we should all be excited about. Not only do we get to see America's top actor continues to wow us on the big screen but we also are going to get what will undoubtedly be an emotional roller-coaster that will leave us all feeling better about ourselves and with the drive and desire to go out and be a better neighbor to those around us.