In 2005 Pandemic studios published the original "Star Wars Battlefront 2" and unlike the title of the same name released in 2017 by EA, everyone loved Pandemic's game. It was widely acclaimed and provided a great story to go along with its engaging gameplay that kept players hooked for dozens and dozens of hours. Where EA's game looks pretty it plays like a bland cracker tastes, while Pandemic's older version -- while looking dated -- still has tight controls and mechanics and doesn't try to sell you any kind of microtransactions with every loading screen.

The superior version is finally coming to the current generation of gamers with Microsoft's announcement that at the end of April, on the 26th to be exact, they will be porting the original "Battlefront" to Xbox One.

That isn't all, though

Along with "Battlefront 2" Microsoft also announced that a slew of other "Star Wars" games will be coming to their backward compatibility list. That list includes major fan favorites like "Knights of the Old Republic 2," "Jedi Starfighter," and "Star Wars Battlefront" -- and again, that last one was released by Pandemic, not EA. That isn't even the full list of "Star Wars" games coming at the end of the month. So the end of April will see a surge in old "Star Wars" games which are the games fans have been telling EA and Disney they have wanted all this time, and not to try and change what they hold near and dear to their hearts like they tried to do with the visually impressive but ultimately failed reboot of the "Battlefront" franchise in the past few years.

This is a very good thing

If consumers really do eat up this backward compatibility of the original Pandemic and Lucas Arts games it might actually push EA, who is the exclusive holder of the rights to publish "Star Wars" games at the moment, to change up their current game plan. If EA sees and listens to a strong consumer outpouring for a game they tried but failed to reboot, there is a good chance the change they make to a potential "Star Wars Battlefront 3" could be nothing but positive.

While the backlash they faced near the end of 2017 over their nefarious policies involving the newly released "Star Wars Battlefront" (2017) saw some positives come out of it, like no more microtransactions at all, strong consumer support for an older game could push EA to make a good game for once this decade and get rid of all the greedy policies which are evident in all of their titles.

The hope really is that consumers won't have to fight a publisher to create a game that is a full game at full game price and doesn't force microtransactions down their throats. The hope that all consumers have is that a video game publisher won't make them fight for what the consumer feels is right and just from the start, and that they make a game that everyone will enjoy and not act as a cash printing machine. So maybe with a strong showing the new "Star Wars" open world game currently in development by EA won't turn out like their last release.