"This Is Us" fans finally found out this season what caused the untimely death of America's favorite dad, Jack Pearson, played by Milo Ventimiglia. In a devastating episode shown after this year's Super Bowl, the Pearson family patriarch died from a cardiac arrest after inhaling too much smoke after he went into the family's burning home to save his daughter's dog.

Tears and tissue often accompany viewers of this NBC hit show each week as fans follow the highs and lows of the Pearson family but the preview for the season two finale after last week's episode also brought along confusion and surprise.

Jack is seen as an old man

We all know that the Season Finale with focus on Kate Pearson's wedding to fiance Toby but why and how is Jack as an old man alive and well at his daughter's wedding if he died on a night back in 1998? In the preview, Jack is seen as a man in his 70's talking with his wife Rebecca Pearson, played by Mandy Moore, saying "where did the time go, Bec?"

This is a moment that fans never imagined they would see

In an interview with E! News, Ventimiglia said "It's a side of Jack that we haven't seen." He added that "it maybe softens the blow a little bit of the fact that he's not around anymore." He also admitted that it may make some people even more upset because the reality is that it is not actually possible for him to be at this wedding.

The hit show focuses on flashbacks into the past, present, and even most recently, we saw a glimpse into the future as we recently saw Randall Pearson's young daughter as a grown woman, but we have never seen what must be a fictional or imagined storyline before. Is this an alternate reality or simply just Kate's imagination on her wedding day, wishing her father was alive to give her away since she does blame herself for his death?

Will this moment provide closure for not only Kate, but fans as well?

Spoilers have not been revealed

There are only fan theories thus fan. The creators and actors have always been very tight-lipped and vague when it comes to question's about the show's plots or where the show may be heading in the future. We do know though that we will still see more of Jack, despite his death, as they explore his past and his time in the army, as well as the dynamic with his alcoholic father.

So many storylines have yet to be explored, including Kate's ongoing attempt to get pregnant, Randall taking in a struggling foster child, and Kevin's battle with sobriety (which fans could not help but compare to his father's very similar struggle with alcohol). While we will have to wait until season three to dive into these plots, there is still one (sure to be emotional) episode left this season.

Tune in to the season two finale of "This Is Us" on Tuesday, March 13 at 9 PM on NBC.