''This Is Us'' reached its second season finale, and, in order to give fans a chance to catch their breath, the Season 2 finale made its departing statement on rather optimistic yet mysterious ground. One of the most intriguing TV shows in recent years, ''This Is Us'' disrupted this particular TV genre with its unique and raw output. After having raw, intense drama poured down into their souls for the majority of the second season, fans tasted a bit of relief, especially at Kate Pearson's wedding. Kate seems to have found closure where her father is concerned, while her twin brother Kevin seems determined to dig deeper into Jack Pearson's past.

Kevin Pearson and his need to reconnect with his father

One of the final scenes of the season has Kevin Pearson on a plane heading to Vietnam. It seems clear that he is there to pursue another chapter of his life, but he is not alone, as his social life underwent a positive shift. He seems romantically involved with Zoe, a photographer at Kate's wedding that is also Beth's cousin.

Having a Pearson back in Vietnam may hint at a whole new direction for the show. Finally, we might receive some information on Jack's life before Rebecca. And, Vietnam means that we might have the chance to know Nicky, Jack's brother, as we already know about them both serving their country during the Vietnam War.

At this point, we can only assume that the death of his brother caused Jack a lot of pain and suffering.

It may be looked at as a probable trigger for his future drinking problem. Undoubtedly, this is a narrative thread that fans are eager to watch unfold. And, having Kevin at the core of the action might spice things up even more.

Randall and his daughter Tess are sharing trauma too

Another leap into a future timeline has an aged Randall at the core of a mysterious traumatic event, but he is not alone, as his daughter Tess carries the same burden.

The second teaser relating to this was revealed during the season finale but it might be a bit early to make a prediction.

It's a heavy burden but the lack of deeper knowledge has left many "This Is Us" fans waiting in anticipation for more information. Kate and Toby were part of the time jump too, as we all saw an ailing Toby receive care from his wife. We don't know where their relationship stands, but again, there is no rush at the moment.

season 3 is expected to hit the airwaves next autumn. Until then, we can do nothing but wait.