The ''This Is Us'' season two finale is just around the corner and, as is the case with trending TV shows, the buzz has grown in the last few days. Started in 2016, ''This Is Us'' has emerged as a unique project.

Consistent delivery from the production team turned this NBC-based show into a must-watch drama. With all of that safely put under its belt, it's now steering past the last corner as the Season 2 finale will air today on NBC. It's been a painful journey this season as most of those who are accustomed to the show, learned about how traumatic a single person's death might be.

Episode 18 'The Wedding' and its false sense of joy or fulfillment

The upcoming episode might close up another circle. Severely traumatized by her father's death, and also bearing a self-blaming blanket on those dramatic events, Kate Pearson seems determined to give her another shot at pursuing happiness alongside her soon-to-be-husband Toby.

There is a promo of Episode 18 which consists of some short glimpses into their wedding.

As you can see in the clip above, all looks fine for a few moments. Suddenly, the twist emerges as Jack Pearson makes a return, this time pictured as a well-aged man. Apparently, he and his wife Rebecca are chatting about the one thing that is a common enemy of all human beings, which is time itself and its inexorable character.

As a sideline note or just pure reflection, ''This Is Us'' does one thing better than others, as the show is known for having an ability to juggle with multiple timelines.

A positive note to end the current season is something most of us would like to watch, but this TV series has made itself a tradition of displaying some heart-breaking drama.

Rebecca Pearson's death would be a shocker

Watching the official promo for this next episode, some could assume Rebecca had an enhanced sensorial experience - a being-awake-like dream where she can reconnect with Jack through their daughter's wedding which may have a catalytic impact.

But, if this assumption was somehow misinterpreted, here comes the likely possibility of Rebecca having that conversation with Jack elsewhere, probably not in this world.

That means Rebecca would have to be dead and we've just witnessed a heaven-like small talk sample.

Should Rebecca Pearson die by the end of this season, the next one will have countless plot twists at their disposal. And, more drama will be poured down into our souls.