ABC’s "Grey’s Anatomy" has been no stranger to loss and tragedy over the past 14 seasons. Fans of the show have experienced the loss of many main characters and beloved doctors over the years, including Dr. Derek Shepard ("McDreamy") and Dr. Christina Yang, and this year is no exception. In an unexpected announcement this morning, both Jessica Capshaw (Dr. Arizona Robbins) and Sarah Drew (Dr. April Kepner) released statements on their Twitter accounts regarding their departure from the show.

But what is the reason behind it?

According to E News, the decision was about going in a new creative direction for the upcoming season 15.

This news will probably come as a shock to many long-standing fans of the medical drama because both actresses have been on the show for quite some time. Capshaw has been a member of the cast for ten seasons and Drew for nine seasons.

Both characters are well-known fan favorites

Capshaw's character Arizona Robbins joined the series back in season five and is now the Head of Fetal Surgery at Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital. Arizona was groundbreaking for the LGBTQ community since her she is a gay woman who was briefly married to Callie Torres (another doctor who also departed the show), and the two women shared a daughter together.

Drew's character April Kepner is a trauma surgeon and became a series regular back in season six, after Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital merged with Mercy West Medical Center, and shares a child with another fan favorite doctor, Jackson Avery.

And although the show has not officially been renewed for season 15 yet, the probability of it happening is very high based on its high ratings and the fact that the show's star Ellen Pompeo signed a two year, 20 million dollar contract just last year. Due to popularity, fans can often anticipate future season news shortly after the current season's end.

News about season 14 was speculated only two weeks after season 13's finale.

As of now, there is no news on how creator Shonda Rhimes and Grey's writers will approach the character's departures but with still ten episodes left in season 14 there is still plenty of time for further storylines to develop, especially on a fast pace drama like "Grey's Anatomy".

Will they be the only big names leaving this show?

According to Deadline, these two doctors will be the only cast members leaving after this season ends (as of now).

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