"The Walking Dead" Season 8's latest installment mysteriously called "The Lost and the Plunderers" was, without a doubt, a breath of fresh air. Because even though Carl's death still loomed over the entire episode, the show still managed to get the heartbroken fans excited for the rest of the season. However, the main question is what will happen to Jadis now that she is (spoiler alert) left all alone, with her entire group slaughtered by Simon and then melted in the garbage grinder. Let's see what the future has in store for the former leader of the "Heapsters."

Rick will regret his decision not to kill Jadis

The execution of the entire "Heapster" group was brutal, to say the least.

In the end, only their leader, Jadis, was left to contemplate her bad decisions. When Rick and Michonne found her, she was broken, although her sentences were not, maybe for the first time since she was introduced back in Season 7. We learned that Jadis was an artist before the apocalypse who was coming to the dump to paint on canvas and metal. And then, when all the hell broke loose, she gathered like-minded people who just wanted to be isolated.

In the end, Rick didn't help her. For she betrayed him far too many times. But he didn't shoot her either. Instead, he shot the air. This reminds me of the Season 8 premiere when Rick didn't shoot Negan despite the fact that he had a clear shot. That led to "All Out War" and ultimately to Carl's death.

Because, just as Negan said, if Rick wasn't fighting the war, his son might still be alive. That's why I think that Rick's decision not to kill Jadis will have fatal consequences as the former leader of the "Heapsters" could turn out to be one more problem Rick would have to face in the future.

Could Jadis actually be Alpha?

There's a theory circulating the internet that suggests that Jadis will turn out to be Alpha, the mysterious leader of the "Whisperers," the next big bad group from "The Walking Dead" comics.

Because they have the similar lifestyle as the "Heapsters." But here's the thing: Jadis doesn't have a daughter. Or a son for that matter. And Alpha's daughter Lydia was a major part of the whole "Whisperer" story arc in the comics, so I don't believe they would cut her from the show. Though anything is possible, now that Carl is dead.

There are just too many possibilities. And however exciting the idea of Jadis actually being Alpha may sound, I don't think that the show will end up doing that. In my opinion, Alpha will be introduced as a whole new character in Season 9. But Jadis could very well become the part of the "Whisperers" in the near future.