Leah Messer is close friends with her "Teen Mom 2" co-star, Kailyn Lowry, as the two continue to speak when the MTV crew isn't around. Leah recently went on Kailyn Lowry's podcast, "Coffee Convos," where she opened up about her relationship with her ex-husband, Jeremy Calvert. On Twitter, these two have been talking about a trip to Hawaii, possibly without children, and it sounds like they have gone through with it. This week, Kailyn and Leah are spending time together in Hawaii and it looks like they are having a blast.

According to a new Instagram post, Leah Messer shared a photo of them together and immediately, people began comparing body shapes.

It's no secret that Leah is a tiny woman and she's always had a small frame, even when she was pregnant with her twins. It's also well-documented that Lowry isn't happy with her body and has revealed that she's determined to work out and lose the baby weight she gained with Lux Russell.

Covering up

In the photo shared by Leah, Messer is wearing a green bikini and it's clear that she's not embarrassed by the way she looks. Kailyn Lowry is sitting right next to her and she's covered up in a wetsuit. It looks like the girls have just finished up an activity in the water and they took the photo as a way of documenting their adventure. However, some people believe that Kailyn is too big. One person wrote mean comments, including that Lowry should be cropped out of the photo for being too big.

These "Teen Mom 2" stars are close, but Leah hasn't said anything about these mean comments to defend Kailyn. Perhaps she knows that her friend is strong and will speak out about it if she feels the need. Some would argue that the best policy is to avoid giving this person any attention.

Unnecessary body-shaming

Even though Leah Messer didn't say anything to the follower, many people did come to kailyn's defense, revealing that the body-shaming is completely unnecessary.

There is no need to comment on someone's body unless they are asking for people to offer their thoughts. In the photo, Lowry was simply documenting a moment in time. Plus, she was hiding her body, possibly because she doesn't want to share her body on social media after having three kids. Surely, any mother with children can understand her stance on this matter.

What do you think about the body-shaming happening on Leah Messer's Instagram post? Are you surprised that she hasn't commented on it?