As viewers of the popular reality show know, early on this season of "Vanderpump Rules" cast member, jax taylor was accused of cheating on his longtime girlfriend and fellow SUR co-worker Brittany Cartwright. After much denial, Taylor confessed to cheating on Cartwright with faith Stowers, a former SUR waitress, and occasional cast member.

Jax Taylor is no stranger to cheating scandals

He also cheated on ex-girlfriend Stassi Schroeder by getting another girl pregnant in Las Vegas during "Vanderpump Rules" season one. Not long after, he admitted to sleeping with his best friend Tom Sandoval's girlfriend of the time Kristen Doute, who is also on the show.

But despite all of the past drama, all of the co-stars remain friends and Taylor continues to be an open book on the reality show.

Most recently, he was in the headlines criticizing the relationship of his co-star Scheana Shay and her boyfriend of the time Rob Valletta. The two have since broken up so perhaps Taylor was onto something. He said in an interview to E-News, "She wants to think Rob is perfect. She wants to think that her relationship is perfect. She wants to think that her whole life is perfect. You know what, this is real life. It's not just one big happy Instagram story."

But Taylor is in no place to be talking about others love lives because to make matters worse, Stowers secretly recorded a conversation she had with Taylor after their affair where he trashes the relationship he has with Cartwright, even making comments on her appearance and their sex life.

The recording eventually made its way to Cartwright who played it for all of her co-stars to hear at a party.

The couple was only broken up for a short amount of time and are currently still together despite Taylor's infidelity.

But more trouble may be on the horizon soon

According to Radar Online, Stowers has reportedly accepted an invitation to the "Vanderpump Rules" season six reunion show, set to film this weekend.

Hashing out the past and coming face to face with her boyfriend's mistress will no doubt be tough for Cartwright.

And even though Taylor has been receiving major backlash for his actions this season, Cartwright is standing by her man. The couple appears to be stronger than ever and is often seen traveling together and having date nights on each other's Instagrams.

The two also share two dogs and an apartment in West Hollywood together so it is doubtful that even Stowers can break their bond now.

There were even a few rumors back in January that the two were engaged after Cartwright was spotted wearing a ring but neither of them ever confirmed this.

The reunion will still be filled with drama

Stowers after an interview with Radar says that the stars of the show "ganged up on her." They supposedly bullied her and "blamed her for the affair." Many fans speculated that Stowers was after some more face time on the hit show when she slept with Taylor. If that was the case, her plan seemed to work out since she was asked to film part of the reunion.

It is clear Stowers is no longer on good terms with any former cast mates.

Even her closest friend on the show Lala Kent has not spoken to her. When Kent appeared on "Watch What Happens Live" back in February Andy Cohen asked her about Faith and she simply responded, "Faith who?"

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