This is the weekend that "The Strangers 2: Prey At Night" launches in movie theatres around the county and horror-movie fans are excited to go see the sequel. It has been 10 years since the original movie was released and that particular movie was a scary one for many audiences. The thought of strangers coming into your home with the only goal of scaring and killing you was a scary idea. Now, fans are excited to see if the sequel is indeed measuring up to the first one. Based on the first couple of reviews, it sounds like the sequel isn't impressing fans as much as writers may have hoped.

Of course, some horror movies are successful because they manage to create a frightening situation that people can see themselves in. Once a horror movie becomes too unrelatable, it loses part of its scare factor. This appears to be the case in this sequel, as fans are not finding it as good as the first one. While some people on Twitter reveal that they thought it was good, some professional movie reviewers reveal it is disappointing.

Not as scary

People who love "The Strangers" may find that the sequel isn't as scary as the original movie. That appears to be one of the major criticisms of the second movie. The first movie focused on a situation where there's a sense of safety. Then, that place was rattled with three scary killers, who only wanted to kill the people in the home for the sake of killing.

It appeared to be a freaky idea for a movie and the original did very well.

But it can be tough to replicate this kind of success. One has to wonder what would happen if the writers focused on the same setup in a comforting home where three masked killers would come by to kill everyone inside. Since it's a scream thriller movie, it's also limited as to what storyline could be added to this kind of movie to make it different enough than the original.

Scare tactic may have failed

But one of the main reasons why this movie may not do well is the fact that it removes the comfort factor that people can relate to. In the original, the main characters are home when they are attacked. This home is a representation of something calming, safe and relaxing. In the sequel, the main characters are on a road trip and they live in an empty trailer park.

It sounds like fewer people can relate to this setup, which is why it isn't connecting with as many people as the original one did. More reviews will be available after the weekend, where the movie opens nationwide.

Will you be seeing "The Strangers 2: Prey At Night?"