"The Strangers 2: Prey At Night" hits theatres today in some locations, but will be all over the country by this weekend. Hardcore horror movie fans are excited about this sequel to hit the theatres, as it comes a decade after the first movie. Back when "The Strangers" was released, horror movie lovers were terrified because the movie was about thrill seekers, who killed people just for the joys of killing. While this had been featured in other films before, such as "Scream," "The Strangers" ended with no survivors and no resolution. The strangers who attack the family in this first movie end up winning, hence evil wins.

Perhaps this is why this movie has been a fan favorite for years. So when the news broke that a sequel would be made, there was some hesitation. It is the same hesitation that surface when sequels are announced, where the original film is strong enough to stand on its own. "The Strangers 2: Prey At Night" will surely measure up to the first movie, as the writers have tried to continue with the aspects and thrills that worked so well in the original.

In the middle of nowhere

In the first movie, the main characters were in a house in the middle of nowhere. This was the perfect location to commit a crime, as there are no neighbors to help out, it would take police a long time to get out there, and there were no landlines.

The movie is the prime example as to why some people hate living in the middle of nowhere or vacationing in the woods or wilderness.

This same idea is continued in the sequel but on a more frightening level. In the first movie, the main characters have a home where they can hide. There's a sense of "comfort" as odd as that sounds.

But in the sequel, the main characters are trying to hide from the killers in the middle of nowhere. They are in an outdoor space where they can't hide. Plus, there's no comfort of a home, as the story is about road trippers.

Based on a true story

Another scary aspect of the sequel is that it is supposedly based on a true story.

The trailer reveals that what people are about to see is indeed something that happened in real life. Of course, any trailer could claim this and it is possible that the movie isn't based on true events. It's possible that it is vaguely inspired by something that has happened before. If it is based on true events, the writers have not made a reference to what real-life events they are referring to.

What do you think about "The Strangers 2" possibly measuring up to the success of the first movie?