People reports that they had a sneak preview of Friday’s edition of “marriage boot camp: Family Edition” where it was revealed that Amber Portwood, the "Teen Mom OG" star and her former fiancé, Matt Baier got into an argument. Amber accused Matt of physically abusing her during their former relationship.

Amber Portwood of 'Teen Mom OG' makes abuse allegations

Amber said on the show that Matt physically assaulted her during their relationship. She went on to cry out that it was the truth, asking Matt why he thought she was so angry and saying he put his "f****** hands" on her.

The couple split during 2017. Matt then cried “bull****" to her allegations.

Dr. Ish and Dr. V listened to the couple on "Marriage Boot Camp: Family Edition"

The explosive interaction between Amber and Matt was hear during a session with Dr. Ish and Dr. V, the relationship counselors on “Marriage Boot Camp: Family Edition.” Dr V commented that the abuse accusations were coming from both the “Teen Mom OG” star and her former boyfriend. He said it was clearly an abusive relationship, adding the physical violence is something that is “non-negotiable.” He went on to say that either the abuse ends, or it’s the end of the relationship itself.

Amber's mother was no support

Portwood’s mother, Tonya was also there and apparently said or did nothing to mediate the argument.

Dr. Ish said Tonya should have tried to calm the pair down, but she sat “frozen in fear.” He added that Amber hadn’t learned her current behavior by herself. As the argument continued, the “Teen Mom OG” star went on to allege that Matt had physically hit her, Baier went on to deny her accusations, saying Amber was a liar. He went on to say that nobody hit Amber and asked which of them went to jail for battery, him or her.

Portwood went on to say she would take a lie detector test as her mother comforted her. Portwood added that Matt needs help, telling him that she “f******" loves him, but he needs help.

Previous interview with Amber on Dr. Drew Pinksy's podcast

Amber had previously opened up about her relationship with her former boyfriend on the podcast by Dr.

Drew Pinksy “This Life You Live.” At the time Amber opened up to say the pair were talking, but not in any sense of speaking of getting back together as she and Matt argue too much. She admitted that they haven’t lived together for the last two months and that they broke up before she appeared on “Marriage Boot Camp: Family Edition.”

However despite the end of that tumultuous relationship, both parties have found someone else. Amber is currently having a baby boy with new beau, Andrew Glennon.

Baier is since become married to Jennifer Conlon and said he only wishes the best for Amber, the MTV star. However, in touch.reports that Amber is keeping her finances separate from Glennon.

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