All the rage in the movie world on Friday (March 16) belonged to the newest Marvel flick, "Avengers: Infinity War." A new trailer dropped for the film, which is nearing its release date. It promises to be one of the wildest and most ambitious entries in the MCU yet.

But the "Infinity War" trailer wasn't the only big news out of the MCU on Friday. The footage brought some questions as to how the future of the "Guardians Of The Galaxy" was going to look, with a third installment of the franchise forthcoming. Director James Gunn was quick to provide answers.

'Guardians of the Galaxy' update

The new trailer on Friday revealed some of the interactions between the Phase One heroes (i.e. Iron Man, Captain America) and the characters from "Guardians of the Galaxy." With all of the different timelines flying around the MCU movies, fans initially grew curious as to when the third installment of that franchise takes place. Gunn quickly hopped on Twitter to answer that question.

That answers a major question. That isn't the only nugget he dropped, though. The second installment of the franchise left some loose ends. While keeping the banter going with fans on Twitter, Gunn hinted that not every major character makes it out of "Infinity War," which will tie up some of those loose ends before breaking hearts everywhere.

Admittedly, that answer from Gunn is rather vague. He's not confirming or denying fans' worst fears about their favorite characters in the MCU. Like every good promoter, he's leaving things up in the air. It wouldn't be a surprise, however, if at least one character bites the dust during "Infinity War" as the universe has hit what feels like a creative ceiling when it comes to adding new characters.

More on the third installment

Gunn's Twitter statements are the first true confirmation of a third installment in the "Guardians of the Galaxy" franchise, even if it seemed like a foregone conclusion. At first, the director himself claimed he may not be interested in making another film. Eventually, however, he got on board.

Now, it's a matter of getting the rest of the cast back in place - depending on what happens in "Infinity War," of course.

A release date for the film is not yet clear. As is custom for them, Marvel has already booked several dates in 2020, which seems like the most likely time for another wild romp with the "Guardians of the Galaxy."

"Infinity War" will receive its wide release date on April 27.