Farrah Abraham began her career in “16 and Pregnant” and since then has been involved in many controversies. Besides clashing with her co-stars on a regular basis, her attitude with MTV producers didn’t help much either.

The following are just some of the scandals surrounding the "Teen Mom OG" star in recent months.

Farrah overplays the tooth fairy

Among the scandals involving Abraham, Cheat Sheet mentions that the former “Teen Mom OG” star outdid the tooth fairy by giving her daughter $600 for losing her two front teeth, leading to criticism that she is spoiling Sophia.

Farrah posted an image of the story on Twitter.

In the past fans may remember she also bought her daughter a miniature horse, something other kids can only dream about.

Epic brawl at 'Teen Mom' reunion

While at a “Teen Mom” reunion, Farrah’s father got into an epic brawl with Amber Portwood. Reportedly there was also a screaming match at the reunion between Abraham and her co-star Amber. Farrah had said at the reunion that Amber’s fiancé looked a little like a pedophile, leading to Amber coming on the stage to confront Abraham about her statement. Amber almost hit Farrah, while her fiancé made efforts to hit Abraham’s father.

Farrah lets Sophia use social media

Getting back to Farrah’s daughter, another scandal involved taking a video of Sophia in which the girl was told to call Nicki Minaj “a total loser” for being rude to her mother. Making your children say unkind things is not normal parental behavior. It is obvious that Farrah has no problem sharing her daughter online, as Sophia has her own Twitter page.

She even went so far as to let Sophia send and receive messages on Snapchat from total strangers, despite the fact that she is too young to sign up for the service. The seven-year-old wasn’t just chatting with her pals, as she reportedly told the public it was OK to send her Snapchat messages.

One person said Sophia was asking for random messages from random people. The Snapchat rules say only people from the age of 13 can use the service and as soon as the reports appeared, Sophia’s account was cut.

Firing from 'Teen Mom OG' and consequential lawsuit

The biggest and worst scandal relating to Farrah is the fact that she has launched a lawsuit against MTV, asking for a massive $5 million for being “sex shamed” for her part in adult films. This came after the network fired her for her controversial actions in October 2017. Farrah believes she was wrongfully terminated from the show, saying production crew “ridiculed” and “sex shamed” her. According to Abraham she has suffered emotional pain and suffering along with mental anguish for the firing.

According to the Daily Mail, Farrah wrongly accused an Uber driver of almost raping her in March 2016. She said the driver was looking at her “strangely” as she walked up to the car saying he looked “mentally disabled.” She then went on to say her boyfriend rescued her, as the Uber driver tried to rape her. Farrah did quickly retract the statement but insisted the incident could easily have escalated into rape. She has since reportedly been banned from using the Uber service.