The seed has been planted. Ryan and Mackenzie Edwards have revealed they are expecting their first baby together. The announcement was made via a teaser clip for the Monday, April 2 "Teen Mom OG" episode. Fans watched the preview clip in shock as Mackenzie shared her excitement by waving around a pregnancy test stick reading positive.

Is Ryan Edwards to be a father again?

This will be both Ryan and Mac's second child, Ryan is Bentley's father with Maci and Mackenzie has a son, Hudson, from a previous relationship. The newlyweds, who have not yet even celebrated their first wedding anniversary are now bringing another child into their unsteady lives.

Last Season Ryan Edwards shocked viewers as they watched in terror as Ryan drove while very high on some form of drugs, passing out behind the wheel on the way to his and Mackenzie's May wedding ceremony. The couple were married, and days later it was announced that Ryan had checked into rehab. The rehab stay did not last but a couple of weeks, with Ryan signing himself out and revealing to the reality television world he was sober.

How will Mackenzie handle things if Ryan relapses?

Since that horrific day, "Teen Mom OG" fans have questioned on more than one occasion as to whether or not Ryan Edwards was using again. Maci has some strict rules in place for Ryan when it comes to his visitation with Bentley, so we hope he is staying clean.

Ryan's wife Mackenzie claims she had no knowledge that Ryan's drug problems were as severe as he revealed. According to The Ashley Reality Roundup, Edwards was allegedly spending around $10,000 per week on heroin.

Fans do not believe Ryan was using that much heroin and spending that large amount of cash per month and it could go unnoticed by Mackenzie.

The couple has not even been married a year and with all the issues they have endured in the past year it seems a baby at this time could be a bad idea.Some fans were hoping that Ryan and Mac's baby announcement was an April Fool's prank, however, the news has been confirmed according to The Ashley.

The Ashley’s reports their sources have revealed that Mackenzie and Ryan (as well as Ryan’s parents Jen and Larry Edwards) were engaging in very excited baby conversations backstage during the recent "Teen Mom OG" Reunion taping in New York City.

The "Teen Mom" cast and crew were also informed of the pregnancy at the reunion filming. At this time the report states that Ryan and Mackenzie do not know the baby's gender, which means Mac is still pretty early in her pregnancy.

The happy parents to claim they will find out their baby's sex on April 20. You can rest assured that the news will spread like wildfires as soon as Ryan and Mackenzie make the announcement. So far, Maci has not commented on the impending arrival of Bentley's half-brother or sister. What are your thoughts on Ryan and Mackenzie Edwards baby news?

Do you believe a new baby will help keep Ryan Edwards settled, sober and grounded, or do you believe they should have waited a while longer until they were more settled and secure in their marriage before adding any offspring into the mix?

"Teen Mom OG" airs Monday nights at 9 p.m. on MTV.