Everyone loves a good horror driven tv-show. Shows like “The Walking Dead,” have drawn in a massive amount of viewers and created die-hard fans. The horror genre itself has been around a long time. The challenge many people face today, is to find a show that is smart and frightening at the same time. There are nine horror based shows that rise to the same level as 'TWD.'

9. 'Slasher'

“Slasher” is a horror anthology series, currently available on Netflix, that involves a group of people and a dangerous secret. Netflix just released the second season that focuses on a group of past summer camp counselors who return to the area to bury a secret, but instead end up in danger when a killer begins to attack them one by one.

8. 'Channel Zero'

Another popular anthology based series is “Channel Zero” on Syfy. The show’s seasons are based on horror stories that have been made popular on the internet. The current season’s story centers on a town plagued with disappearances and a mysterious rumor that ties them all together.

7. 'Dark'

“Dark” is one of Netflix’s newest original series. This show is filmed in the German language. The story is about a town where children are constantly disappearing. The show is set in the futur, but focuses on storylines from the past that appear to relate to the town’s unexplained mystery.

6. 'Ghost Wars'

This show is based in an Alaskan town that is plagued with a small paranormal problem.

The show is led by Avan Jogia whose character has the power to protect the town from the paranormal forces. The show is currently playing on Syfy.

5. 'Scream'

Everyone loved the original horror film franchise “Scream.” This time, “Scream” is taking its screams and horror to the Small Screen on MTV. The series follows a group of residents in a small town, who are being targeted by a serial killer.

4. 'Freakish'

What happens when the "Breakfast Club" meets the undead. You end up with “Freakish.” “Freakish” is a show on Hulu that is focused on a group of students who are spending time in detention, which ends up becoming a fight for survival. The group has to work together when a chemical plant explosion leaves them trapped in the room as zombies start to eat their way in.

3. 'The Exorcist'

Hollywood loves turning classic horror franchises into anthology series. “The Exorcist,” is their latest successful tv series. It’s currently airing on Fox and focuses on the story of two priests attempting to rid the possessed and their families of the demons that are invading.

2. 'From Dusk till Dawn'

This El Rey seriesfurtherr expands on the characters introduced in the original film. The show follows Seth and Richard who are on the run and are left to face snakelike creatures.

1. 'Lore'

Probably one of the best horror story driven shows the on air is “Lore.” The Amazon original series is based on stories driven from the original podcast. Each episode tells a horror story, complete with actual documentary footage as well as scripted scenes to keep the show going. The show tells you the story of the tale and the history behind the fright.