Tatum O'Neal has attempted to reach out to her aging father Ryan O'Neal in hopes of letting go of all the anger and resentment that has plagued the family for decades. Tatum O'Neal apologized to her estranged dad Ryan publicly while doing an interview with Megyn Kelly.

Is it time for the O'Neals to finally clear the air?

It was a nice moment, however, it is also one that occurs every few years between the "Paper Moon" stars Tatum and Ryan. “I want to say to my dad, if you’re watching this, I love you. I’ve always loved you and forgiveness is the best policy,” the actress told Ryan O’Neal on the Mar.

27 episode of "Megyn Kelly TODAY."

Ryan O'Neal battling cancer again

Radar Online reports that Tatum appeared on "Today" plugging her new podcast show "Tatum Verbatim" along with her new movie "God’s Not Dead: A Light in Darkness." Tatum O'Neal, 54, stated that at this point in her life she just wants to feel free and happy and rid herself of all the resentment and guilt that she has carried most of her life when it comes to her father.

She also extended the proverbial olive branch, revealing that there is a chance for a possible reconciliation between the two. This has also happened multiple times throughout the decades. Could it be that Tatum feels the need to clear her conscience before they run out of time?

As previously reported in August of 2017, friends close to Ryan O'Neal were very worried that the actor's cancer had returned due to his unhealthy appearance.

Ryan O'Neal has remained mostly out of the public eye for quite some time now, with sources revealing that he is now a mere shell of his former robust self. The actor (who is over six feet tall) was said to weigh less than 135 pounds.

The "Love Story" star has faced several serious medical issues over the past years including battles with prostate, skin cancer, and chronic myelogenous leukemia. The O'Neal family also all have a long history of drug addiction that has also fueled their dysfunction.

Tatum and Ryan have always had a very volatile and dark relationship, one she has written about in a memoir.

In her book, Tatum described her childhood as sheer horror. She revealed that when she was a young girl of only 15, her dad found the love of his life, Farrah Fawcett. After falling for Farrah, Tatum revealed that he moved out of their home, leaving her alone.

Following the release of her 2004 book, Tatum revealed that she realized that "It was time to deal with my biggest unresolved issue. My dad. And so I began a slow, careful attempt to reconcile with him." The attempt came at Farrah's funeral. When greeting her dad in the receiving line she claims he did not even recognize her, and hit on her. As she reached her father, he seized her, pulled her to him and said, "Hey baby, got a drink on you?

Want to get out of here?"

Now, several years later, Tatum is ready to once again attempt to reconcile. Hopefully the father and daughter can finally work through their differences and gain the closure they need this time around. Sadly, at this point, it may be next to impossible, but, at least before Ryan's passing Tatum can say she made the effort. Should Tatum O'Neal give up on Ryan O'Neal once and for all, or, is there hope?