British actress Emily Blunt looks picture perfect as the lovable Mary Poppins. Disney has been very busy releasing teasers of their next offerings left and right. Their D23 Fan Convention is surely very busy. The film “Mary Poppins Returns” is set to reach cinemas more than a year from now, December 2018.

Popping blue

The released photo shows the 34-year old actress looking very sweet and wise in the signature Mary Poppins look. Her outfit had a stylish, flower-decked hat plus a cozy blue and purple coat dress. To complete the look, she also carried a uniquely designed pattern hand bag.

In true Mary Poppins tradition, what seems to be only missing is her parrot-topped black umbrella. For those who are not familiar with the story, Mary is known for her outfits and style. Her accessory, the umbrella, is also her weapon of choice so to speak.

The photo teaser evoked several longing sentiments from viewers. The first film from 1964 left a lot of fans clamoring for more. Finally, after 44 years, the time will soon come. The original film starred the iconic Julie Andrews. Aside from the photos, Disney so nicely released a quick teaser as well for fans to chew on while waiting for the movie’s release.

Quick teaser trailer

The 20-second video clip teaser was short and sweet. Despite seeing previously leaked photos of the cast on set, it was even more special seeing video scenes from the actual movie.

The quick teaser shows Emily Blunt, in full Mary Poppins regalia, appears from the clouds as children fly their kits close by. A scene also puts her inside her kitchen, magically pulling an umbrella out of a normal sink with other random objects flying around her. A peak of co-star and Broadway veteran Lin-Manuel Miranda is also shown as he dances while sweeping chimneys.

It is ended with a mysterious and spirited line saying, “those things didn’t happen.”

Cast and crew

Aside from Blunt’s perfect casting, the rest of the characters were a match made in heaven as well. Lin-Manuel Miranda plays Jack, a street lamplighter who brings Broadway energy to the film. Meryl Streep, who doesn’t require any introduction, plays a new character named Topsy, Poppin’s cousin.

Emily Mortimer of drama series Newsroom, Colin Firth of Kingsmen, and veteran actress 91-year old Angela Lansbury are also part of the cast.

Behind the scenes, Mary Poppins Returns also has the same director and producer mix as the box office hit musical “Into The Woods.” Rob Marshall directs while the producers are Marshall, John DeLuca, and Marc Platt.

1964 original

The original Mary Poppins movie was led by Julie Andrews. It followed the story of Mary who was oozing with positivity and energy despite any trouble in her life. She visits a troubled family in London and influences change in each of them and as a whole family. Julie Andrews won the Best Actress Academy Award for her work in this film.