Even gamers like to get in on the holiday happenings (if Pokemon Go’s special event is any indication), and Roblox is no exception. The gaming platform is home to countless user-generated games, but a special Easter game is the highlight this weekend. Live egg hunts might be for the kids, but online egg searches are for everyone.

If you can pull yourself away from the food and festivities, checking out Roblox’s holiday happenings might make you a committed gamer.

Roblox Great Yolktales Egg Hunt

While Roblox is a gaming platform that hosts smaller games within it, the Egg Hunt 2018 game has already attracted the attention of over eight million players.

That’s not surprising, considering the platform’s all-time daily high surpassed one million active players in 2017.

This year’s Easter game takes players on an adventure to save the Eggverse, where there are 45 eggs to save. Players can join in via PC, Mac, Xbox One, or Android or iOS phones and tablets. Some eggs are easy to find, while others require that you complete difficult challenges within the game.

Each egg can be found in a different area or level of the game. The progression keeps things from getting monotonous, and each leg of the journey has its own challenges and surprises.

History of Roblox

Not every game entices millions of players over the course of one weekend. So what gives?

Roblox started out as a humble game in 2006. It appealed largely to players of Minecraft, a competitor that Roblox hopes to pass up soon in terms of membership.

Tons of game developers code their games and upload them to Roblox, where they then earn money when players purchase gaming cash or Robux. The in-game currency costs real money, and its players have earned developers upwards of $50,000 a month in some cases.

Advertising also plays a part, and with a millions-strong platform of game players, advertisers scramble for space on-screen.

Find all the Easter eggs?

There are tons of other interactive games on Roblox, too. From social hangouts to shooter games to survival challenges, there’s something for everyone to become engrossed in. Kids (and adults) can play in teams or on their own, face challenges by game developers, explore in fantasy worlds, and communicate with team members and new friends.

Despite its humble beginning, Roblox is poised to take over the online gaming world and oust Minecraft as the top-performing developer platform. Fortunately for consumers, the stiff competition makes for better gameplay and more perks as the rivals aim to edge one another out.