scheana marie has been labeled as "crazy" and "obsessive" in recent months due to her on-screen comments about now-ex-boyfriend Robert Parks-Valletta. So, when she reached out to "Jersey Shore" cast member Dj Pauly D on Twitter, fans of the reality star immediately flooded him with comments, warning him about Scheana being a "stage five clinger."

"Hey [Pauly], you should be here," Scheana wrote on Twitter on March 25. Right away, fans began weighing in on Scheana's tweet and warning Pauly about the possibility of the "Vanderpump Rules" star stalking him on the boardwalk in Seaside Heights, New Jersey, where he and his co-stars film their reality show.

Scheana Marie's Twitter haters are brutal

"[Scheana Marie] will STALK your life on the boardwalk," one person wrote. Another warned him that Scheana will "obsess" over him after meeting him just once and even want to marry him. Then, when one fan attempted to defend Scheana, another fired back, claiming they clearly haven't seen her behavior on "Vanderpump Rules."

As the comments continued, fans suspected that if DJ Pauly D agreed to meet up with Scheana Marie, she would likely not leave him alone in the time that followed and could potentially profess her love for him after "seven minutes." One person even joked that she was a "stalker," as another said she's likely already named their first child.

Scheana named her first child with Robert Parks-Valletta, said they were house hunting weeks before split

Scheana Marie and Robert Parks-Valletta may have split in August of last year but oddly, Scheana said during a cast confessional weeks before their breakup that she and her former boyfriend were hunting for a home and had named their first child.

Since the sixth season of "Vanderpump Rules" began airing, Scheana has been chatting about her future marriage and family with the actor but unfortunately for her, their relationship didn't last until the end of production and they don't appear to have had much contact with one another in the months since.

While Robert Parks-Valletta did turn up on a couple of red carpets with Scheana after their breakup last year, he and the reality star have been spending time apart in recent months and she was tied to Robby Hayes earlier this month.

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