Being crowned the prom king and queen is a huge deal, even if the prom is actually an InstaGala, dubbed a prom for adults. Over the weekend, Reginae Carter and Yfn Lucci attended the InstaGala in Atlanta where they made their new romance official. To make things even more special, Reginae reported that the pair had been crowned prom royalty at the event.

A new hip-hop couple is crowned

It's not clear how long Reginae Carter and YFN Lucci have been dating but many fans are glad to see they are no longer in hiding. The pair made their romance official at the InstaGala on Saturday night and ever since, there has been a lot of buzz about the hot, young couple.

Expect to hear a lot more about Reginae and Lucci in the near future. The internet just can't seem to stop buzzing about them.

Of course, with any level of fame, there will be haters. It didn't take long for someone to point out the age difference between Toya Wright's daughter, who is 19, and the 27-year old up and coming Atlanta rapper. For those who are paying attention, the age gap is eight years. It seems like a lot right now because Reginae is barely entering adulthood but in the long run, it won't mean much.

It sounds like Lucci doesn't want to hear the criticism about his new girlfriend and quickly squashed it. He was tagged in a post on Twitter that said, " I’d beat the s**t out a ni66a 30yrs old trying date my 18-19 yr old daughter.

Lame a** ni**a @YFNLUCCI." It didn't take long for the "Everyday We Lit" rapper to strike back, first correcting his actual age, which is not 30.

Hot New Hip Hop pointed out that YFN Lucci is actually closer to Reginae's dad's age. However, Lil Wayne is 35 years old. That makes him eight years older than his daughter's new boyfriend.

So really, the age difference between Lucci and Reginae is not bigger than the gap between Lucci and Lil Wayne. Not that it should have mattered as long as they are happy and she is being treated well.

What is the 'InstaGala?'

We looked into exactly what an InstaGala is, for those who aren't up on all things trendy in Atlanta.

According to Event Brite, it's a prom for adults that was held in Atlanta on Sunday. Tickets range in price from $60-$650 and couples who attend treat it like an actual prom where they go all out. Those in attendance were dressed to the nines in formalwear just like the real thing.

The theme was "If Only For One Night" but don't be surprised if this adult prom becomes an actual thing. There's a similar event already scheduled for Dallas, Houston, and DC. Other adult proms with similar themes popping up all over the US.