Mackenzie Standifer, the wife of Ryan Edwards, found herself targeted by a tweet shared by Taylor McKinney earlier this week and quickly fought back against him. According to a report by Radar Online on March 20, Standifer is suggesting that things may be rocky for McKinney at home. Otherwise, she explained, he wouldn't have lashed out at her and her husband so brutally on Twitter.

During Monday night's episode (March 19) of the seventh season of "Teen Mom OG," McKinney, whose wife is Maci Bookout, responded to a post shared by a fan who wondered why Edwards and Standifer are often featured talking badly about Bookout.

“Well, when you have two jobless adults, one of whom is 30 years old and still needs his a** wiped, what do you [expect] the dinner convos to be?" McKinney asked. McKinney then took aim at the couple further, saying they should be thanking Bookout for paying for Standifer to go to nursing school.

Mackenzie Standifer releases a statement about Taylor McKinney

According to Standifer, McKinney must be going through something very "tough" if he found it necessary to take aim at Edwards in the way he did on Twitter. She even suggested that McKinney's potentially bad situation involved his wife and said, "I’ll be praying for them.” Standifer continued on, telling Radar Online that she hasn't spoken to Maci Bookout or McKinney since 2017 and doesn't have anything negative to say about either one of them.

Standifer may not have anything bad to say about Bookout at the moment but last year, she accused Bookout of exploiting her husband's drug addiction for her own benefit. As viewers saw, Edwards was struggling with drug use throughout Season 6 and ultimately checked himself into rehab at the end of the season.

Ryan Edwards doesn't think Maci has let go of their past

While chatting with his wife on Monday's episode, Ryan Edwards said that he was so happy that he and Maci Bookout never went through with their plans to get married and accused Bookout of failing to let go of their past romance. Although it was actually Bookout who chose to end things between herself and Edwards many years ago after they welcomed son Bentley, now nine, Edwards suggested she was still hurt that they didn't work out.

Meanwhile, Bookout has been married for a year-and-a-half and shares two children with her husband.

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