Moms do a lot for us. They carried us around for nine months, fed us for 18+ years, and some sang to us every night before bed. Our mothers are the backbone of who we are as people. If it weren’t for them, we literally would not be here today. Showing appreciation for someone who sacrificed any and everything they had to make you safe and comfortable is super intimidating, but hopefully, this can help. Mother’s Day is right around the corner and now is the time to get up and get shopping! Here are the top 15 gifts to get your mother this year.

European Wax Center wax pass

A lot of women get their eyebrows waxed by the woman who paints their nails at the nail salon down the road, but European Wax Center offers “wax passes” that can significantly change the way you wax. They offer something called an “unlimited wax pass” which offers you exactly what the title suggests – an unlimited amount of one service for a whole year. You can pay for the pass in full, or set up a payment plan (if the pass costs more than $150.) This means that whenever mom feels like her eyebrows are a little too overgrown, all she has to do is call EWC and make a reservation with a licensed professional of her choosing without paying a dime.

Handwritten card

I know, you’re probably asking yourself how can I be so cliché?

Well, the truth is, this is a little past cliché. This is modern-day cliché, but definitely a great idea if your mother is anything like mine. iOS has an app called Felt. The Felt app allows you to use a pre-set image for the front of your card, or a picture from your camera roll. From there, you can pick a frame, and then doodle a message or image onto the card right from your smartphone.

You also have the ability to type it on the iPhone keyboard, but who would honestly want to do that when you can draw your very own card on your phone without worrying about mistakes? Delivery is fairly quick, too, only taking between two and five days. The best part? It will only cost you $3.

Temperature controlled ceramic mug

Often, our mothers take on a lot in one single day. At home especially, but even at work. If your mother is one of those women who are often so busy she forgets about the coffee she bought to get through the day until it’s ice cold, this is the gift for her. Ember is a temperature controlled mug that keeps your drink at the perfect temperature all day. The mug is controlled by an app downloaded to your smartphone that regulates the heat of your drinks, and even saves your presets! Let’s say mom likes her coffee to be a whopping 175 degrees – she’s got it! It will even stay that way. The mug, which costs $79.95, can be purchased at several Starbucks locations.

Wax cabin candles

This one is a personal favorite, as my family’s love for candles practically rules mine and my mother’s lives. Wax Cabin Candle Co. is a company that sells affordable candles with an insane scent collection like you couldn’t imagine. A true candle enthusiast will appreciate the well-thought-out scents and longevity of these candles. In honor of the upcoming holiday, WCCCo is offering a Mother’s Day Cabin Set for $58. It includes the scents “Sweet Mornings,” “Rosie Rose,” and “Peach Bellini.” Candles individually retail at $20 if you’re looking to just grab mom that one scent you know she’ll love.

Pedestal jewelry holder

Some of our mothers own quite a bit of jewelry or have specific items of jewelry they put on every day without fail.

A simple necklace that mom wears everyday could have a deeper meaning than you ever thought possible. In that case, wouldn’t you want your mom to have a special place for that special thing? Uncommongoods sells a beautiful jewelry holder handmade by Tracy Shea in Ohio. Each holder sold will be slightly different due to its handmade nature, making the gift that much more special. This beautiful piece of art will run you $48 and make your mother feel special.

A new book

If you think I’m being cliché again, I am. In a good way, though. A couple of months ago I came across a website where you can make your own book. Love Book is a website where you can choose to make a paperback or hardcover book, design two characters, add as many pages as you want (for free), and use page templates or write whatever you want.

I should clarify that the characters are two little stick figures to reference “the giver” (you) and “the receiver” (in this case your mother.) After you make the characters, you then select your relationship to the receiver as well as the occasion. You can then choose a picture for the cover, and get started writing your book for mom. At the moment, Love Book is offering free shipping, so a hardcover book will cost you $49.95 and $44.95 for the paperback.

A relaxation gift set

Last but not least, a box of things to offer mom the most relaxing time she can possibly have. We all know lavender is considered the best scent to evoke relaxation, so for $65 you can purchase the perfect gift set for mom.

The gift set sold by comes complete with lavender scented body butter, body wash, mini lotion, hand soap, and lavender chamomile bar. The set also includes English tea cookies, Hemingway tea, Cashew Roca, and a loofah. With this set, mom can make a cup of tea, grab some cookies, light one of the candles from her WCCCo bundle, and enjoy a bath surrounded by the scent of lavender.

Whether your mom is the candle type, the reading type, or even the jewelry type, this list has everything she could ever need. These are also all gifts that could be used together. Mom could go out early in the morning and get her eyebrows waxed to perfection, read your cute handwritten card, brew some coffee for her temperature controlled mug, light one of her candles from her WCCCo collection, lay her jewelry down on her new pedestal, and jump in the bath with her lavender gift set and read the book you wrote for her. All of these gifts are sure to make your mom smile and they’re the perfect recipe for a wonderful Mother’s Day!