It's coming! The long-awaited dystopian sci-fi action thriller starring Nicolas Cage "The Humanity Bureau" will be released this spring on April 6. Ahead of the film, an episodic virtual reality series entitled, "The Humanity Bureau VRevolution," will release on March 2. The film will debut in conventional theaters, premium video on demand (PVOD) and in Barco Escape theaters.

'The Humanity Bureau' is expected to be a wild ride

"The Humanity Bureau" was directed by Rob King and produced by Kevin Dewalt. It stars Nicolas Cage, Sarah Lind, Jacob Davies, and Hugh Dillon.

The plot is about a government caseworker named Noah Kross, played by Nicolas Cage, whose duty it is to visit unproductive citizens and to take them to a colony known as "New Eden." The film was shot in virtual reality Barco Escape format in British Columbia, Canada. Its mission is to intrigue and entertain the audience. I'm very much looking forward to this movie. It should be fun and exciting.

The first Nicolas Cage action film in various formats

Nicolas Cage has never appeared in a virtual reality action film other than 2011's "Drive Angry." But never any movie quite like this in Barco Escape format involving 360-degree cameras. Judging from the trailer, it looks absolutely amazing and should be a major crowd-pleaser.

According to producer Kevin Dewalt, he said in a press release from Shinehouse Group that he wanted to provide multiple avenues with standard, theatrical, 3-screen Barco Escape, and cinematic virtual reality for audiences to engage with and experience the story's universe. He hopes to give the viewers more options for alternative content with today's new media.

I hope this movie will enhance Nicolas Cage's career and put him back on top where he truly belongs! He's a very talented actor, despite all the unfair criticism and attention he gets from the media and being an internet meme. Audiences will be able to get close to Mr. Cage in virtual reality format which is really cool! One of his newest films, "Mandy" is being premiered at the Sundance Film Festival this Friday (Jan.

19) in Park City, UT. The same day his jet-black comedy horror film, "Mom and Dad" is being released in theaters and on VOD. Will 2018 be a banner year for Mr. Cage? Let's hope so. I'm rooting for him with "The Humanity Bureau." I hope this is his best film yet and is very successful on all media platforms.