Princess Love and Ray J just had their Baby shower.on Saturday and it was huge. Ray J's mom Sonja Norwood and his sister Brandy were not at the party. Despite rumors that they skipped the celebration over a feud with Princess, both Sonja and Brandy blamed their absence on a prior engagement. After trying to pretend like all was well with the family, Princess put Brandy on blast, letting everyone know how fake Ray J's sister really was acting toward her.

Brandy and Sonja miss the baby shower

On Saturday, Ray J and Princess Love celebrated the upcoming birth of their first child without his mom or sister in attendance.

According to TMZ, the mother-daughter pair were at the gender reveal party the day before but missed out on the party after getting into an argument with Ray J's wife.

The latest beef was reportedly about Princess Love throwing shade at Ray J online over that cheating scandal that is still rather fresh. If you missed it, Ray J posted a video of himself from his bathroom and accidentally filmed someone in his bathroom who was not Princess back in January.

After that video went viral, Princess posted a few memes on Instagram about not staying with a cheating man. Rather than support Princess Love, who continues to deal with cheating allegations against her man, they reportedly sided with Ray J and wanted her to apologize.

Princess Love shuts Brandy down

The buzz about Princess Love's feud with Brandy and Sonja Norwood got even louder after Brandy posted about missing the baby shower on Instagram. Ray J's sister posted a long caption that explained her absence from the baby shower and gushed about becoming an aunt.

"There's nothing here but love and no matter what anyone says we are family and we will always be," Brandy wrote.

"Your beautiful bundle of joy will change our lives forever. Love you Prinky @PrincessLove and I love you infinity @RayJ."

Brandy's message mimicked another left by her mother about having to attend the Hampton, Virginia concert, causing them to miss the baby shower. However, Princess Love didn't let it slide this time.

In the comments section under Brandy's sickeningly sweet note to her brother and sister-in-law, Princess Love shot right back, suggesting that the Instagram post is fake and that Brandy should say how she really feels.

"STFU posting this I should post what you just text me," Princess wrote.

Indeed, Princess Love should post what Brandy Norwood just texted her. Those of us who have been following the Norwood family feud would love to see what Ray J's sister really thinks. We already know that she doesn't want Princess blasting her brother in front of the world for all of his alleged cheating antics. It's too bad they don't put the same pressure on Ray J to just be faithful to his wife.