On Wednesday's episode of "General Hospital," the walls began closing in on Jim Harvey. He gave the order for Franco and Drew to be killed but they escaped from the construction site. Liz and Sam told their saga to the police, as Jordan and Curtis found incriminating evidence, along with Betsy Frank. Detective Chase is ready to make an arrest and spoiler alerts indicate that there may be a final showdown with Jim where Betsy tells her story and Drew gets answers about his past. Things are about to become explosive in Port Charles and it all most likely will take place within the walls of "GH" Loyal viewers will now find out how Harvey abused Bobby and Andy and if this played a part in Franco's problems.

Jim will be exposed

On Wednesday Jordan and Curtis wanted Betsy to go to "General Hospital" to be checked out as Liz and Sam convinced Franco and Drew to do the same. Spoilers suggest that a confrontation will take place and that Jim Harvey will be exposed. Celeb Dirty Laundry points out that Franco is being redeemed so more than likely it will be Drew demanding answers and going toe to toe with Harvey.

It has not yet been revealed what Harvey did to little Bobby and Andy but it's clear he terrorized the children. Betsy kept saying she had to protect her boys but it is not yet known from what. Jim Harvey may have been verbally/physically abusive or even a pedophile. Once Mrs. Frank tells her story, all of Port Charles may begin to look at Elizabeth Webber's fiancee differently.

Drew may regain some memories

The encounter with Jim Harvey may have one positive benefit for Drew as it could trigger his memory. He might be able to recall what happened all those years ago and realize Franco is not the monster he has been made out to be. It will also give Betsy the ability to make amends to her sons as she explains why she made her tough decisions all those years ago.

Celeb Dirty Laundry has promised updates as they come in on this storyline so be on the lookout for spoilers. Be sure not miss an episode of "General Hospital" by tuning in each weekday afternoon on ABC at 2:00 PM. The residents of Port Charles are now more than halfway through the nine-month arc that began in October with Patient 6 in Russia.

Questions will now be answered and fans will find out who is behind all the mayhem. There is still the plot regarding Sam being in love with both Drew and Jason to be finalized so it can only get better from this point.