Although not officially royalty yet, former "Suits" actress and Prince Harry's soon-to-be bride (Meghan Markle) attended her first official royal outing with the family on Monday, March 12th.

All of the royal family was in attendance

Markle, along with Prince Harry, Duchess of Cambridge Kate Middleton, and Prince William, arrived together at Westminster Abbey for the Commonwealth Day service, meant to honor the 53 member states or former territories of the British empire. Arriving not far behind was also Harry's father, Charles, Prince of Wales, and the Duchess of Cornwall, Camilla Parker Bowles.

According to E! News, all of the members of the royal family and their significant others followed in procession down the aisle of the famous church to their seats. Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Phillip arrived shortly after to the sound of trumpets upon her arrival. It was also reported that Meghan and Prince Harry were seated directly behind the Queen during the service.

The two have been busy planning their May 19th wedding

Headlines surrounding the couple's guest list, her wedding dress, and more have been non-stop since the engagement announcement back in November. It has also been reported that Meghan was recently baptized and confirmed ahead of their approaching wedding date as the actress grew up Protestant.

Although she could have married the prince without doing so, she chose to do it out of respect for the royal rules and the queen herself.

Before their engagement announcement, many people thought that the couple would never marry due to the monarchy's many rules and protocols, including getting Queen Elizabeth II's royal approval.

However, all of this proved to be no problem for the two lovebirds. Markle even retired from acting in order to focus and perform her soon-to-be royal duties full-time.

Meghan Markle will be the first divorced, bi-racial American actress to join the royal family, making history.

The royal family has also been in the headlines lately thanks to the hit Netflix series

"The Crown" is a historical drama following the reign of Queen Elizabeth II. In season 1 and 2 the Queen is played by Claire Foy but it was recently reported that the show will do a major time jump for the upcoming third season which means replacing the original cast. The critically-acclaimed show covers controversy, scandal, affairs, and cover-ups that happened behind the gates of Buckingham Palace from 1947 on. The creators of the show plan on taking it up to the present day in future seasons, which means we will likely see Meghan Markle in it as well.