Jenelle Evans is trying to keep a low profile from her home in North Carolina after she and her husband got caught up in a scandal with MTV last month. David Eason, who was new to Twitter, decided to share his opinions about the LGBTQ community and transgendered parents. Many of the "Teen Mom 2" fans and cast members decided to distance themselves from David, and when Jenelle didn't say much about her husband's actions, fans chose to ignore her too. Within hours, David's Twitter account was removed from the social network. Jenelle also removed her social media account for a while, but she returned after a few weeks.

When Jenelle returned to Twitter, she revealed that she would not be using the Twitter account for personal tweets. She would only be using it to tweet about "Teen Mom 2" when the show returns, and she wanted to talk about her business ventures. But that didn't last long. According to her Twitter account, Jenelle Evans is back talking about her kids on Twitter. It sounds like she can't quit social media, even if she tries. Instead, she may just want to be social with her followers because she could be feeling lonely.

Only focus on business

On "Teen Mom 2," Jenelle Evans only really films with her husband. She's often gushing about how happy she is with him and how wonderful their marriage is.

But they do seem to live in the middle of nowhere and they do appear to be rather secluded. Throughout the years, Jenelle has lost several friendships and she does appear to be the least social of all the "Teen Mom 2" stars.

It's interesting that she only wants to use social media to spread the word about her business ventures.

She recently launched her own clothing line and she's also working on her growing cosmetics line. It's clear that she wants to work on launching her business, but it's also possible she's trying to get something going in case "Teen Mom 2" comes to an end.

MTV relationship still up in the air

Right now, Evans' relationship with MTV is still up in the air.

The network made an official announcement when they fired David Eason, but they have not said anything about Jenelle's role with the show. She is one of the original stars of the show, so they may want to keep her on the show. She may have said or done some things in retaliation when she learned that her husband had been fired from the show.

What do you think about Jenelle Evans not saying much about the show? Are you surprised that she can't keep away from social media?