Kylie Jenner, the new mom on the block who gave birth to baby girl Stormi in February, is back on Snapchat and Instagram. The 20-year-old keeps on entertaining her fans by sharing some adorable pictures of herself and her daughter, Stormi Webster. While all of us are gushing over the fact that Kylie is a mom now, there's something more to it that has caught our attention for now. And no it's not her cosmetic line, it's about a yet another ring, which Kylie was seen wearing recently.

Kylie's new ring

And it's not the first time we have seen her with a ring.

In the past, she has been spotted with an engagement-non-engagement ring twice. And the rumors of her being engaged to baby's daddy Travis Scott are everywhere. Kylie was seen donning the ring in her pregnancy announcement video, which was shared by her in February. And then after that, she was also seen sporting the ring in the photo she shared of herself and her daughter Stormi on March 1st.

Now, coming back to the present, Jenner was seen wearing a ring yet again in a picture she shared on Snapchat. Well, ending all the speculations at once, Kylie has finally explained the meaning behind the diamond band on her Snapchat. Well, it's not an engagement ring, the ring is about two people.

Yes, that's indeed right, it's about Jacques Webster, the real name of rapper and baby's daddy, Travis Scott and Jordyn Woods, her best friend who was also the first one to give a tribute in Jenner’s pregnancy video named: “To Our Daughter.”

Her take on the ring

She captioned the image as, "Jacques Webster & Jordyn Woods," she wrote on her Snapchat.

"Real Ones, Ok.."

The custom JW gold and diamond band wore by Kylie is from XIV Karats in beverly hills and is priced at anywhere between $400 to $450. With this, we surely know that Kylie loves her baby daddy and BFF equally and doesn't want to choose between them. Apart from the ring hoax, Kylie is very happy with Travis Scott and they aren't making any huge plans for the future.

She is very supportive and chilled when it comes to work and is still new to this relationship. She just wants to give all her attention to baby Stormi right now. Recently, there were reports on the internet regarding Kylie and Travis's split, which apparently turned out to be wrong.

Ring or no ring, Kylie Jenner surely knows to maintain her stardom. And now, we surely are waiting for the next ring to appear. Who knows, next time it might be an actual engagement ring.