kim zolciak-Biermann got her daughter Brielle some explicit artwork for her new pad. "The Real Housewives of Atlanta" and "Don't Be Tardy" star's daughter has been talking about moving out on her own for a while now and it looks like the mother-of-six tried to show her support with this housewarming Gift.

A unique housewarming gift

Brielle posted a photo of her new artwork, which was a mold of a woman's chest made out of resin and covered in feathers, glitter, and butterflies, to Instagram and said how "obsessed" she was.

The artwork was a seemingly strange housewarming present for a mother to gift to a daughter but the 39-year-old and the 20-year-old have such a close relationship that hardly anything seems off-limits between the two.

Kim had Brielle after a one-night stand when she was a teenager, and, as a result, the two are close in age and as thick as thieves.

Kim's gift hanging on the wall has been the only photographic evidence of Brielle's big move. On Zolciak's account, the same photo was posted, along with a second torso mold covered in matte black paint with black and gold butterflies, and a caption confirming that it was "getting real" that Brielle was moving out.

Living on her own...for now

Things have been getting serious between Brielle and her baseball player boyfriend, Michael Kopech. The two began dating in 2016 and even discussed living together on the most recent season of "Don't Be Tardy."

Brielle claimed that she and Michael "decided it would be best" for her to "live on [her] own for six months to a year to gain some independence" before the two considered living together, according to an interview she did with TooFab.

Biermann, who was adopted by Kim's second husband and NFL player Kroy Biermann, has additionally said that she does not want to be dependent on a man and wants to learn how to support herself.

While her boyfriend is an athlete and already has his career "figured out," she is still young and unsure of what she wants to do for a career.

However, she also admitted that if her boyfriend "proposed to [her] tomorrow, [she'd] say yes."

The location of Brielle's new home is unknown, but hopefully it will be close enough for Kim and Kroy to visit often. She is reportedly preparing to move out in just a few weeks, around her 21st birthday, which is February 25, according to Daily Mail.

It is also unknown how often she will appear on her family's reality television show, "Don't Be Tardy," now that she will no longer live at the family's home.