In case you missed the last episode of “Sister Wives,” I’ll fill you in on the details. The episode was two hours long, and it was called “Groomzilla,” as it focused on Mykelti Brown and Tony Padron preparing for their wedding. Now, if you have been following the series for a while, then you would know that Padron isn’t exactly the most liked person on the show as he is constantly being called out on social media by fans. For example, Kody Brown was hesitant to pay for his and Mykelti’s wedding as he would have to then pay for two back to back weddings.

This was because his other daughter, Maddie, tied the knot around six months before Mykelti did. Padron was annoyed at Kody for this, and he said that he should take a home equity loan out on his house, so he could pay for both weddings. Well, now it looks like Kody has had enough of Padron’s remarks as he recently just snapped at him.

What did Kody Brown say to Tony Padron?

What happened here was Mykelti, Tony, the Brown moms, and Kody all decided to go wedding cake shopping for Mykelti’s and Padron's wedding. Mykelti was a very big fan of the mocha cake, however, Tony insisted at the wedding that there must be a leche cake. This caused Janelle to say “You better let Mykelti have the cake she wants.” Kody then agrees with Janelle as he replies with “Get used to it, Tony.

There’s a lot of us.” As you can tell from that snappy remark, Padron is still trying to win the hearts of this family over. I have attached a Facebook post from the “Sister Wives” Facebook page so you can watch the Brown family go wedding cake shopping with your own eyes.

What else is going on in the world of 'Sister Wives?'

Most recently, Christine Brown, who is one of the Brown mothers, came under fire online for her lack of singing ability. You see, what happened here was that Christine wanted to be able to sing at Mykelti’s and Padron’s wedding, so she wanted to get some vocal training. After some vocal drills, the vocal coach decided that Christine should sing Bing Crosby’s song “Let Me Call You Sweetheart." To be fair to the Brown family member, she did try her best, but some fans were relentless in the hate they were sending her way on social media websites such as Facebook and Twitter.

Now, if you want to keep up with this very controversial family, you can watch their TLC family reality television series Sister Wives." It is also worth adding that the wives are all in business together as they have opened an online jewelry store where you can buy the jewelry they wear.