South Park has always been a show that takes jabs at the left and the right. The show has become known for its vulgarity and is not necessarily known to be pro-conservative. Trey Parker and Matt Stone who are the creators of the hit show received the “Freedom Award” from the left-wing organization People for the American Way Foundation.

Surprising everyone in the audience they came out publicly and said we’re Republicans. The crowd responded awkwardly laughing, but then they repeated themselves again.

“South Park” has recently been attacking political correctness and left-wing campus issues such as “trigger warnings,” and also “safe spaces.”

'South Park' made fun of Donald Trump in past seasons

“South Park” latest season has been making jokes about President Donald Trump, but now the creators have decided to end the jokes saying they have become boring. While they announced they are Republicans, they have often described themselves as libertarians. While they are not very political, in 2004 Parker told Movie PictureIn Focus that they are just tired of the political extremes. Trey Parker said that he and Stone are "middle-ground."

The pair has previously addressed politics when it comes to their show.

They have said that they don’t want the show to be a Democrat or Republican show because the show is more important than that. Their surprise announcement comes after they attacked President Trump and were criticized as many said it skirted the edge of decency and taste.

'South Park' strongly pokes fun at both the left and right

According to the People of the Way Foundation website, they call themselves a progressive organization aimed at fighting right-wing extremism. The group is strongly anti-Republican and anti-Trump. They have not said why they specifically decided to honor Stone and Parker.

Some are saying this is just a joke made up by the pair, but seeing them publicly make this claim among a group of liberals and anti-Trump people shows there may be more conservatives in Hollywood than the media is reporting.

Roseanne Barr is the latest to make headlines after blasting liberals for going far left. Barr told them they went far out and lost everything. While Barr may be a Trump supporter, she has been willing to make her character in her sitcom “Roseanne” a Trump supporter. Because of her actions, her rebooted show gained record-high ratings. The premiere earned 18.1 million viewers.