Maci Bookout has filmed "Teen Mom OG" for several years now and she has been somewhat open with her fans about her life. She has often talked to her issues that apply to her life, including struggles with Ryan Edwards and parenting topics. However, Bookout hasn't talked about money other than child support. MTV has been criticized for paying the "Teen Mom OG" stars a lot of money for filming the show. While the girls haven't been honest about their paychecks, Adam Lind revealed that he was paid $250,000 for his participation and that Chelsea DeBoer was paid a lot more than him.

Because of the money, they are given, people don't think that their parenting struggles are realistic.

The money is an issue that comes up as these starts are buying houses, horses, and cars. It's not realistic for many people in their 20s, as they go to school and care barely pay tuition despite working one or two jobs. According to a new tweet, Maci Bookout is now revealing that her husband got her some expensive shoes as a gift. Some fans were wondering how he could afford these shoes for her, as they are in their 20s and have three kids.

Expensive shoes

The "red bottom" shoes that her fans are referring to are the Louboutin shoes that were popular a few years ago. They are very expensive and one pair can easily cost a few thousand dollars.

Maci reveals that her husband gave her the shoes as a surprise present, so it's possible that it was just a random gift from him.

While there's no arguing that he has great taste, it is an expensive gift to give.

And many of her followers can't relate to spending so much money on a single pair of shoes. On the other hand, Bookout may be responsible with her money, as she may only have one pair of shoes - the ones her husband go her.

Big budgets for the girls

It also seems like Maci Bookout is very responsible with her money, as she's bought a house for her family.

She has three children and she is considering more kids, as Taylor has expressed a desire in having more kids. It's no secret that some of the girls may splurge their money on random and irrelevant things, but Bookout appears to be responsible with her money. She has purchased a t-shirt company but she doesn't appear to flaunt her money or fame the way some of her co-stars are. It sounds like a stable home is the most important thing for her.

What do you think about Maci Bookout's tweet that her husband got her such an expensive pair of shoes?