Leah Messer may watch "Teen Mom OG" when it airs on MTV, possibly because the show inspired and paved the way for the show she's on. She rarely gets to hang out with the "Teen Mom OG" moms on screen, but one can imagine that she does know them well. The "Teen Mom 2" stars have revealed that they talk when they aren't filming the show, as Leah and Kailyn Lowry recently went to Hawaii together. But Leah herself hadn't really talked about Farrah Abraham or her recent drama with the network.

According to a new tweet, Leah Messer is now responding to the story that Farrah decided to leave the show behind, as she chose to focus on her other business deals rather than "Teen Mom OG." Producer Morgan J.

Freeman revealed that he had been given the message to share from those higher up than him at MTV, and he was merely the messenger. But Abraham took it personally, revealing that she had no interest in continuing with a show that forced her to quit.

She's gone from the show

Several of the "Teen Mom" stars haven't said anything about Farrah leaving the show behind. This is the second time that she's been asked to stop filming. After she did her adult movie, her co-stars threatened to quit the show if she wasn't fired. For a few weeks, they filmed without Farrah but the producers let her come back. During their conversation during this week's episode of "Teen Mom OG," Morgan revealed that they had discussed this before and that Farrah had promised to quit.

As for Leah, she had an interesting response on Twitter. She replied to the whole scene in three simple characters - all emojis. It sounds like she thought it was sad, shocking, depressing, and downright funny to watch as she quit. It's possible that she doesn't have much respect for Farrah after Abraham tends to say mean things about her co-stars.

She recently said that Amber Portwood and Kailyn Lowry are having children for money.

No personal issues with Farrah

It doesn't sound like Leah Messer had any personal issues with Farrah. But since Leah has been on the show for so many years and has become good friends with her producers, it's possible that she doesn't understand how Abraham could treat the crew the way she does and not think that it would have any consequences.

What do you think about Leah Messer's tweet about Farrah Abraham's departure? Are you surprised that she's tweeting emojis that could hint she finds the whole thing shocking, but funny?