Maci Bookout doesn't always share everything in her life on "Teen Mom OG," as fans are learning about details from her personal life. On the show, Maci talks about her business with Taylor McKinney and the co-parenting schedule she has in place with Ryan Edwards and his parents. However, the "Teen Mom OG" star has revealed that she and her husband Taylor recently suffered a miscarriage, something she's kept away from the show. While she and Taylor have discussed having more children, it sounds like Bookout and Taylor are choosing to keep their private life away from the show.

As it turns out, Maci is now hinting that people rarely ask about her happiness as they often ask her about "Teen Mom OG" and the fame.

According to a new retweet, Maci Bookout is now revealing that people rarely ask her about her happiness. She shared this news through a retweet, where she quoted Heath Ledger. In the quote, she shared on her timeline, she reveals that people always ask about her career, being married, or own a house as if she's supposed to be doing all of these things. However, no one actually asks her if she's happy.

Personal happiness

If someone did ask her about her personal happiness, one has to wonder if she would actually answer the question honestly.

It's possible that people would question whether she was truly happy with Taylor, even though she's often gushing about their relationship on "Teen Mom OG." Plus, if someone asked her about her personal issues with Ryan Edwards, it's possible she wouldn't talk about how unhappy she is because of Ryan's drug use. His wife, Mackenzie Standifer, hinted that he was using Xanax.

While Maci wasn't involved with Ryan's personal issues, she had to stand up to them to protect her son, Bentley.

Expanding her family

While Maci Bookout may be thinking about Bentley, she's also thinking about expanding her own family. She and Taylor have been thinking about having another baby and it sounds like she would be willing to have a biological baby while exploring adoption as well.

But her tweet may not have anything to do with having another baby and being unhappy with her health issues. Of course, it's possible that Maci wants people to know that she's much more than the person she is on "Teen Mom OG." The girls have complained that the producers have edited footage to only show a few minutes of their lives.

What do you think about Maci Bookout's tweet about people never asking about her happiness? Do you think she's sending a signal to her fans that she wants people to ask her about her happiness rather than the fame?