Jef Holm seemed angry and disgusted when ABC announced that their new bachelor for this current season was Arie Luyendyk Jr. Jef and Arie used to be great friends when they were filming "The Bachelorette" and competing for Emily Maynard's heart. Jef and Arie were the final two, which made the progress difficult for them to be friends. Both haven't really been a part of "The Bachelor" world since competing for Emily's heart, but it sounds like Jef didn't think that ABC would pick him to be the next "Bachelor" and to find love. On Twitter, Jef tends to keep quiet but when he learned that Arie would be starring on the show, he decided to share his thoughts about it.

He revealed that he wanted to bet money that Arie wouldn't last a year with his final pick. Given the outcome of the final episode, it sounds like Holm was right. According to a new tweet, Jef Holm found himself mocking his former friend last night. One can imagine he was watching the show to see if Luyendyk Jr. would get engaged and if he would be right in this assumptions about his friend.

Before the show began

Jef Holm made his predictions before the show began. So when Arie decided to leave his final pick for the runner-up, Jef pointed out that he had technically won already. He claimed that Arie wouldn't last a year with his final pick and it sounds like he didn't even make it to the "Women Tell All" special.

Several people have pointed out that Jef just seems upset that he didn't get a chance to be "The Bachelor." However, he appears to be dating someone new so he may not need the show to find love. He hasn't seemed too interested in staying in the "Bachelor" franchise after his split with Emily.

Troubled friendship

It's no secret that Jef Holm isn't the biggest fan of Arie. It appears that he felt betrayed by his friend when they were both on "The Bachelorette." While filming, they were good friends but Arie was devastated when he was dumped right before the proposal. Jef ended up choosing a life with Emily and the two did try to make it work after the show ended.

But on the "After The Final Rose" special, Arie revealed he had written Emily a note to get her attention. He wanted her to change her mind about the proposal. He also traveled to Charlotte, North Carolina to get her attention, but she kept shutting him down. Jef and Emily eventually broke up, and it's possible that Jef could blame Arie for their split.

What do you think about Jef Holm's tweet about winning the bet?