"Love & Hip Hop Atlanta" is headed back for Season 7 on VH1 soon and the stars of the reality series are already teasing high drama. A new clip was dropped on Thursday night that has us really looking forward to the Monday after next. "LHHATL stars were asked to describe the new season in just four words. Let's just say that things got interesting.

In four words...

Jessica Dime is headed back to TV screens everywhere. Last season, she got engaged to Shawne Williams and now she's definitely become less dramatic and more focused on her relationship.

This is a side of Dime that we haven't seen before and let's face it, this is a great look for her.

Dime was the first "Love & Hip Hop Atlanta" veteran to describe the new season. While she was thinking about her choices, Rasheeda busted in with "hard-work-ratchet" and then something that didn't sound like she was leaving Kirk Frost so I totally lost interest.

The short film kept cutting back and forth between "LHHATL" stars but we got the rest of their answers for you. Jessica Dime ended up saying "Level up" and "maturity" but she never got in that fourth word.

Stevie J said Season 7 of "Love & Hip Hop Atlanta is "sexy musical playful, and hella drama." That was actually five words, Stevie. We'll give him a pass though since he's clearly got a lot on his mind lately.

Tommie Lee was in the video too and like most other times, she didn't follow the directions. Neither did Karlie Redd, who also was featured in the short clip.

It all ended with Mimi Faust, who proclaimed, "Classic Love & Hip Hop." Yes, Mimi, pretty much since not a single person answered the question with four words.

What fans want from Season 7 of 'LHHATL'

It's time for a shakeup, don't you think? After six seasons of the Puerto Rican princess, Joseline Hernandez finally left the show that made her famous.

Of course, she'll probably argue that she would have been famous anyway. What's funny is that Mona Scott-Young didn't reach far to find Joseline's replacement.

Erica Mena will be joining the Atlanta cast, meaning the show swapped out one loud-mouthed, overdramatic Puerto Rican singer for another. That doesn't mean we aren't excited to see Erica on "Love & Hip Hop" again. Actually, it should be pretty awesome. Even though Erica has been on the New York cast before, she's still fresh in Atlanta and her storyline should liven things up a lot.

What fans don't want to see

Ok, so we know heading into Season 7 of "Love & Hip Hop Atlanta" that we're going to see even more about that baby that Kirk Frost may have fathered with Jasmine Washington.

This storyline dominated all of Kirk and Rasheeda's screen time last season and quite frankly, it's not even clear if anyone cares anymore. Kirk's infidelity has been the storyline so many times now that fans are over it. We don't want to see it. There, I said it.

You know what else "LHHATL" fans don't want to see? More drama between Joseline Hernandez and Stevie J. At least we get one wish.

Don't miss out on the Season 7 premiere of "Love & Hip Hop Atlanta" coming to VH1 on March 19 at 8/7 central.