Kirk Frost has cheated on Rasheeda before this newest "Love & Hip Hop Atlanta" scandal and if she doesn't leave him, he'll probably do it again. Especially since this isn't even the first time that Kirk has been caught cheating and had all of his business aired on out reality TV. With the latest cheating scandal and news that there is even a baby involved, there are rumors that Rasheeda is finally considering a divorce from her habitually unfaithful husband.

Latest cheating scandal is the last straw for Rasheeda

On Season 6 of "Love & Hip Hop Atlanta," viewers have been able to see Kirk Frost's latest cheating scandal unfold.

Prior to the season starting, we learned that a woman named Jasmine Washington was claiming Kirk fathered her baby named Kannon.

In the Season 6 premiere of "LHHATL," Jasmine outed Kirk and their alleged affair has been the main topic from week to week ever since. It also turns out that another woman is also claiming to have slept with Kirk Frost during the same time period.

After Jasmine Washington accused Kirk Frost of cheating on Rasheeda and fathering a baby outside of his marriage, Keanna Arnold also admitted to having an affair with him. To make things real interesting, both Jasmine and Keanna are in a relationship with the same man, Rod Bullock. Apparently, these two really don't mind sharing with each other.

After learning about this latest Kirk Frost cheating scandal, Hollywood Life is reporting that Rasheeda, who has been married to Kirk for 17 years now, is finally considering divorce. They claim that Kirk and Rasheeda recently took a trip to Jamaica together and while there, they had a "heart-to-heart" conversation about all the drama that has been unfolding on VH1 for the world to see.

Karlie Redd reportedly supports Rasheeda in divorce

As usual, when it comes to the biggest drama on "Love & Hip Hop Atlanta," Karlie Redd is all the way involved. She was right there digging up dirt when Jasmine Washington revealed her her affair with Kirk Frost. She was also the one who ran to Rasheeda first with the news that Kirk may have fathered Jasmine's baby.

Now, Karlie Redd is right in the middle of Rasheeda's divorce drama and according to reports, she is pushing Rasheeda to leave Kirk Frost for good. Karlie has allegedly offered to set Rasheeda up on a date with another man once she does ditch Kirk.

Do you think Rasheeda should divorce Kirk Frost after learning that he cheated on her again and with multiple women on Season 6 of "Love & Hip Hop Atlanta"? Sound off in the comments section below.