"General Hospital" spoiler alerts indicate that a major decision will be made this week in Port Charles. Sam, who is searching for Drew, is going to come to a startling decision. Fans may believe she is about to announce which brother she wants to spend her life with, but it could be something different. Sam has been torn between the siblings and admitted last week to Alexis that she loves both men. Loyal viewers already know that Carly is correct in saying that Jason is Sam's soul mate. Last week JaSam admitted their love for one another and now Ms.

Morgan says she must tell Drew she has feelings for both he and his brother. Whatever she decides someone will get hurt.

Sam comes to terms with her feelings

Carly, Spinelli, and most everyone else in Port Charles realized that Sam truly loves Jason. Even though she insisted that she wanted the life she now has with Drew, you could see her heart was not truly in it. The only person who tried to believe in "Dream" was Alexis, but deep even she knows the truth. According to Soap Hub, Ms. Morgan/Cain will make a major decision this week. It will more than likely be related to the fact that she loves both of Alan Quartermaine's sons.

Sam may have to come to terms with many of the feelings she is dealing with.

She and Liz are searching high and low in Port Charles for Drew and Franco who were abducted by Jim Harvey. Once the men are found and Sam learns the truth about their past, she might make the decision to soften her attitude towards Bobby Frank. She has already decided to tell Drew that she loves Jason, so the other possibility might be deciding which man she will spend the rest of her life with.

Drew may be the big loser in Port Charles

Whether Sam acknowledges she was wrong about Franco or tells Drew she loves his sibling, one thing is certain. Andrew Cain will be the big loser in Port Charles. Spoilers from Celeb Dirty Laundry indicate that Franco and Drew come out unscathed from their ordeal with Jim Harvey but Andrew Cain will begin to feel that he is losing Sam.

He will confide in his good friend Curtis who will later speak to Ms. Morgan/Cain.

It may, however, be too late because while Jason accepts that his former wife is torn between him and his brother, Drew is not capable of dealing with it. Once he finds out JaSam has kissed he may realize it is only a matter of time before Sam walks away. It could even turn out that her startling decision is to tell her spouse she wants out of the marriage to be with his sibling. "General Hospital" airs weekday afternoons at 2:00 PM on ABC. Spoilers are updated daily so stay tuned.