Jeremy Calvert is currently staying away from the spotlight at the moment, as he's not a big part of "Teen Mom 2" anymore. Jeremy has revealed that he doesn't feel a need to film the show anymore and Jeremy may not be a huge part of Leah Messer's life these days, as they are co-parenting Adalynn. Leah has revealed that she and Calvert have hooked up a few times, but she doesn't seem too eager to get back together with him on a full-time basis. However, it sounds like his attitude with "Teen Mom 2" may have something to do with it. While Leah loves her fans, Jeremy doesn't seem to do well with critical viewers.

According to a new tweet, Jeremy Calvert is now reacting to a person, who had some harsh comments about him. The person ended up deleting the tweet, but Jeremy's response is still on social media. On his timeline, fans can see how he responded to a person, saying that the person should go jump off a bridge. He's essentially telling the person to go commit suicide.

Fed up with fans

It's no secret that he's possibly fed up with "Teen Mom 2" fans over the many questions about his personal life. Calvert, who has pushed through much of the drama surrounding his ex-wife, Leah Messer, may not want his life to be under a microscope now that he's no longer on the show. He may not have any interest in sharing anything personal, including his supposed new business venture.

He recently opened up about possibly starting a business of his own.

Has been seen as illegal behavior

Jeremy Calvert may not realize that telling people to go "jump off a bridge" can be seen as illegal behavior. People have been charged with a crime after the people they have told to commit suicide have done so. While Calvert's tweet may not result in any action whatsoever, it seems like a horrible thing to say to someone.

On the other hand, "Teen Mom 2" fans should also think about what they tweet to these stars, as some comments can be very mean. Cyberbullying is seen as a horrible and possibly even illegal action in many places and can have devastating consequences. Hopefully, Jeremy will learn to just ignore these people rather than respond the way he does.

Leah Messer hasn't said anything about the tweet, but one can imagine she's not too happy about it.

What do you think about Jeremy Calvert's tweet? Are you surprised that he's pushing a follower to do something stupid, simply because he's not happy with the way people are communicating with him?