Leah Messer wasn't ready to divorce her husband, Jeremy Calvert when she was battling depression. She was convinced that they could make it work as long as she got some time to feel better about her situation. Messer was depressed because she was a single mother of three children, as Jeremy worked away from the home for months at a time. Her daughter Adalynn kept asking about her father. In addition, Leah was fighting to keep custody of her twin girls, who supposedly kept missing therapy classes and being late for school. At the time, Leah never talked about what was bothering her so much, but now she's opening up about her life in a more relaxed manner.

According to a new tweet, Leah Messer was caught joking about Jeremy Calvert's drinking. After Leah appeared on the "Teen Mom 2" reunion special, Dr. Drew asked her about getting back together with Jeremy. She blushed and didn't have an answer. But she did reveal that his work situation was toxic and he would need to figure something out if they were to start dating again.

Drinking not shown on MTV

Jeremy isn't always a big part of the "Teen Mom 2" show, especially now that they are not married. But it sounds like Leah wants him to rethink his behavior if she needs to consider dating him again. On Twitter, she joked about his drinking. When Leah asked her fans what she was thinking about, one person joked that she was thinking about what Jeremy was doing.

He added that he was drinking, and that's when Leah didn't sound surprised. In fact, she wrote "Of course you are," as if she knew that was going to be his response.

While these girls don't show much on "Teen Mom 2," it is possible that she has kept his drinking to a minimum on the show. He could be drinking more now that he's spending so much time away from the home.

A problem in their marriage?

While Leah has blamed his work schedule and her depression and anxiety on their divorce, it's possible that he could have a drinking problem that caused more friction between them. She could be keeping this issue to herself because Jeremy is still Adalynn's father. Plus, Jeremy could be going through some personal issues that cause him to consume more alcohol.

But it's important to point out that he could just be doing some recreational drinking and Leah is just joking about it on social media.

Do you think Leah Messer is trying to protect Jeremy Calvert by not revealing too many details about his life? Do you miss him on "Teen Mom 2?"