Spoiler alerts indicate that things are going to become pretty intense this week on "The Bold and the Beautiful." Dollar Bill Spencer is going to wake from his coma and name Ridge Forrester as his shooter. It's possible that Steffy's dad is the one who tried to kill the founder of Spencer Publications, but not very likely. "B&B" fans know the tense relationship between these two men, so Bill could be lying. There are also a number of others who had just as much motive to want to see him dead. Long-time viewers realize that this is just too convenient so they should brace themselves for the possibility that Bill is lying or maybe even protecting the real culprit.

Ridge is not the only person who was out to get Dollar Bill

Last week on "The Bold and the Beautiful," Caroline returned to town and expressed her disdain at what her uncle made her do. She has now lost Thomas because she lied that she had a terminal disease. Thomas also came back to L.A. and asked Sally to go back to New York with him. She said yes but now must remain in town because they both are suspects in the shooting as is Caroline.

There are also a number of other suspects besides Ridge and they include Eric, Quinn, Liam, Wyatt, Jarrett, Saul, Shirley, Sheila, and Justin. Dollar Bill waking up and pointing the finger at his lover's father could be a way to get him out of the picture. According to Soaps, She Knows, the police are going to waste no time putting Steffy's dad in handcuffs and taking him to jail.

This will no doubt please Bill Spencer, who has had animosity with Ridge for decades because of Brooke.

The police are not sure Ridge is the shooter

Even though Ridge will be arrested, spoilers indicate that the police are not 100 percent certain he is the shooter. This would indicate the real perpetrator is still at large. He or she could be one of the known suspects, but "B&B" also could have someone else come to light as wanting to see Dollar Bill Spencer pay for his crimes.

He could be protecting Caroline because he knows he is responsible for her current state of mind, or he may not even know who actually shot him.

It was very dark the night the crime was committed and when Katie found her ex-husband bleeding out on the floor. For this reason, viewers need to keep an open mind. Spoiler alerts will update the situation as they get more news, so keep watching for advance notice of the storyline. "The Bold and the Beautiful" airs weekday afternoons on CBS at 1:30 PM. Stay tuned to find out of Ridge indeed shot Dollar Bill or if there is another.