I don’t think there’s another more requested character in the history of "Dragon Ball" than Bardock. Goku’s father is always involved in the most popular theories about the series. When we’re on the verge of a new movie like this, Bardock has to appear in one way or another, because for many people he's an idol. His story weighs heavily on the Dragon Ball community, so fans can't get enough of asking for the character's appearance, no matter how it is. In the previous days, new information about the movie was revealed. Not about it, but about how it will be developed, besides some additional facts that complement perfectly with the topic of this information.


One of the most interesting facts of this official information mentions that the story will have a lot of "fanservice.” For those who don’t know, this word means that the movie will bring a lot of things the fans are expecting to see, and it will clearly happen on the movie since they’re confirming it. The fanservice was very present in "Dragon Ball Super" with several things. Like Goku as an antagonist, a character that made reference to Broly, we also saw a Super Saiyan woman and even Frieza on the side of the good guys.

In this movie, where the history of the Saiyans will be exposed and the Fanservice is confirmed, it’s impossible to think that somebody like Bardock won’t appear.

Unlike previous occasions where people made a theory about a character without having a solid base, this time we have two strong foundations and they’re that the fanservice and the story itself are on our side for the appearance of this character to take place.

What will his appearance be like?

From my perspective, although the balance is tilted for the fans and the appearance of Bardock has many possibilities of happening, it would not be the way I might want, which means, along with Goku, but in a different way.

Up next, I have a little bit more official information that will help to complement this news.

“The latest news reveals that the movie “Dragon Ball Super: The origin of the Saiyans” will have a story that is defined as “multilayer”. This means that it will have parts in both the past and present history of this breed. The creator of the series, Akira Toriyama, has provided the story and more than 20 design models, including characters, machines, and a new planet that will appear on the film.

What does this information mean?

The film is designed as a multilayer, dividing the history of the past and the present of the breed, and it opens up the possibility of Bardock's return, which would be more of a memory than a return. Surely Goku’s father could make an appearance but not in the present but in the past, as an icon of Saiyan breed for his rebellion against Frieza’s evil plans. Incredibly, after so many years of speculation, I finally have valid grounds to say that Bardock will appear, whether in a thought, in a memory or, even better, in the present.

So far this has been the latest news about the "Dragon Ball" world. If there are more, I will be communicating it as soon as possible.