While they do look like they could be related, Chanel West Coast and Lee Norris are not the same person. For years now, advertisements for a viral internet article have put the two side-by-side with claims that Chanel is transgender and played Minkus on "Boy Meets World." that is simply not true and finally, the "Love & Hip Hop Hollywood" star is talking about the controversial internet article.

It's not really clear where the rumor started that Chanel West Coast and Lee Norris who played Minkus are the same person but they're not. Despite the resemblance, they're not even related.Even though Chanel has spoken out about the claims, she said people still seem to believe it.

Now, she's taking legal action to try and get the article and the photo comparisons removed from the internet and it's not as easy as you might think.

Chanel has the law on her side

"I'm actually going through a legal situation right now to try and get all of this offline, because it's technically defamation of character, saying that I am transgender and used to be a boy," the 'LHHH' star explained to In Touch.

It's not legal to write and publish information on the web that isn't true. However, it's also hard to remove said information sometimes, especially when the publisher isn't being cooperative.

In this case, the side by side images of Chanel West Coast and Lee Norris have been shared online on thousands of articles as a suggested read. It likely has earned quite a bit of money from ad placements alone.

On being a trans role model

While the Chanel West Coast transgender claims may seem funny, they really aren't. It goes way further than just talking about a celebrity too.

It turns out that Chanel has been getting some messages and while she's been very supportive, she also doesn't think its fair to those who think she's transgender when she's really not.

"Also, really, that hurts me too because I've had a lot of kids be like, 'I can relate to you,' thinking that I'm transgender," Chanel explained.

"I want to be like, 'I'm not transgender,' but at the same time, I want to be there for people to feel like they can confide in me."

That's a sticky situation to be in, especially because it happened without Chanel having anything to do with it. On one hand, she's trying to be supportive of the transgender community. On the other, the "LHHH" star still needs to be true to herself and since she's not actually trans, having people who are look up to her because of an internet rumor is a difficult situation to deal with.

While Chanel admits that she's laughed at the Lee Norris comparisons in the past and even joked about it from time to time, she also thinks it's gone too far. She told In Touch that the story is especially frustrating because Lee Norris is still acting and making movies.

Meanwhile, people think that he transitioned and is now her.

In reality, Lee Norris is all grown up and even got married in 2011. He appeared last year in two episodes of "The Walking Dead," playing a character named Todd. He also reprised his role as Stuart Minkus on "Girl Meets World" for three seasons before the spinoff was canceled. You may also have seen him playing an officer in "Gone Girl" back in 2014.

Causing controversy on 'Love & Hip Hop'

Even though this particular controversy wasn't started by the "Love & Hip Hop Hollywood" star, she managed to say a few shocking things during her first season on the VH1 show. Like that time that she tried to claim she was on the same level as Drake and Kanye West.

The look on A!'s face when Chanel tried to tell him how important she was said pretty much everything. Then again, "LHHH" fans might have missed that while they were busy reacting to the claims themselves. For what it's worth, Chanel West Coast is signed to Cash Money Records. Despite that, she is not on the same level as Drake or Kanye. The whole thing ended with A1 making fun of Chanel in a now-deleted Instagram post and Charlemagne gave her the "Donkey of the Day" title on The Breakfast Club for her remarks.

It's not clear yet if Chanel West Coast will be returning for another season of "Love & Hip Hop Hollywood." She certainly made her mark on the last one.