Derick Dillard has been really upsetting a lot of people lately with the things he is saying on Twitter. Derick kept talking negatively about Jazz Jennings and TLC. He even ended up being fired by TLC for the way that he has been and that he wouldn't stop doing it. Now it looks like he has lost a few followers and they aren't just fans.

Who all has called it quits on Derick?

It really does look like Derick is losing followers like crazy. In Touch Weekly shared the details about who all has decided to unfollow him and one person is Ben Seewald. It is kind of crazy that his brother-in-law is on the list of people who aren't following Derick now.

A fan wrote on Reddit and said, "The shunning begins... the Bates family have unfollowed Jill and Derick. Individual accounts unfollowing just Derick, meanwhile Ben unfollowed him, who's next?" The Bates family and the Duggar family are all really close with each other. It seems like if they are going to unfollow Derick that it means that they do not want to be associated with him.

A lot of fans feel like the things that Derick Dillard has been saying aren't appropriate. You can think them, but you should probably keep them to yourself especially if you are a public profile like Derick.

Derick has been ranting again

As Blasting News recently shared, Derick has been on Twitter again and throwing a fit.

He is replying to people on Twitter and not actually writing his own posts about it. The latest thing that he was upset about was that their son Samuel had to spend two weeks in NICU and then TLC didn't pay for the bill. It is kind of confusing why Derick thought they should pay for everything, but he was convinced it was their responsibility because they make money off of them.

They didn't show a lot of their son's birth and this explains why. Knowing that he had complications makes the fans understand what is going on a bit more.

Right now, it looks like Derick Dillard is making a lot of enemies. It probably is going to get worse before it gets better. The fans really do want to know why everyone is deciding to call it quits on Derick and if Ben is really upset with him.

If these two are having problems, that won't be easy for the family.

Are you shocked to see these people that are unfollowing Derick Dillard? Do you feel like he is starting to get shunned by the family? Sound off in the comments section below, and don't miss new episodes of "Counting On" when they air on Monday nights on TLC.